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  1. Dahinter Das Gesicht (remastered)
    by Schwefelgelb
  2. Kar Yağar
    by Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek
  3. Night Sobbed a Potion Diseased
    by Wallachian Cobwebs
    A Lonely Walk A Lonely Walk
    What a grandieuse album. Each song feels like gazing down from the Carpathians upon medieval towns and thick darkened forests. The cold, imposing sound of old school Dungeon Synth, coupled with an overall eerie atmosphere quickly made this on eof my favourite DS albums. I solemnly swear to play this in my travels accross Wallachia and Transylvania this summer.
    by The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    The Night After The Night After
    Fucking hell! What a return! What an evolution! Hearing this after so much time make one realise why it took so long to come into beeing. The fury on this album, while not exactly tempered, is used much more skillfully than on the debut EP from many years ago. It's lile the band grew and their vision grew with them. This whole record is a trip to many different feelings and atmospheres! Just fucking Brilliant!
  5. Mountain Of The Red Flame
    by Witchsteel
    Rhûn Rhûn
    Brilliant, atmospheric Dungeon Synth in the vein of the Old School masters, yet updated enough to not seem a simple carbon copy. Witchsteel manages to bring the Tolkien references and old school DS together again in a time where DS seems to lose its identity more and more. This is a brilliant return to roots and delivers a proper dark and moody atmosphere
  6. Y Ddraig Goch
    by Mari Lwyd
  7. Great Migrations
    by Wyrdstæf
    Those Who Came Before Those Who Came Before
    Long awaited, but worth the waiting! Wyrdstæf bring a very interesting twist to the main themes of Black Metal, while performing a very unique interpretation of the genre. Judging by this EP i know this band will provide very interesting art soon!
  8. The Hallowing Of Heirdom
    by Winterfylleth
    Elder Mother Elder Mother
  9. The Dark Hereafter (Remastered 2020)
    by Winterfylleth
    Green Cathedral (Remastered 2020) Green Cathedral (Remastered 2020)
    A naturalistic journey through the rolling mists of the English landscape. this is how every Winterfylleth album felt to me, but on The Dark Hereafter the atmosphere seems more pressing and mysterious than on other releases. plus, the addition of an Ulver cover, made in such an unique and personal manner makes this album one of my favourite from this amazing band!
  10. Euskal Ziegen Iraganeko Garaiak
    by Lord Orots
  11. Journey Through The Mountain
    Bonus: Journey Through The Mountain - Seamless mix (whole album) Bonus: Journey Through The Mountain - Seamless mix (whole album)
    For many, this is one of the stepping stones, one of the foundation bricks on which the modern Dungeon Synth fortress was founded. To this day this record is among the best the genre has to offer. The overall atmosphere, the brilliant use of brass and strings, the dark feeling that shrouds the listener... all contribute to the instant classic status of this album. And now, we;re finally getting it on vinyl!
  12. Frore
    by Wynter Myst
    Maelstrom Fury Maelstrom Fury
    Relentless and raw. A very dynamic and furious album. The vocals must be its strong point, but the riffs get very creative throught it as well.
  13. Under the Branches of Old Trees
    by Untitled Artist
  14. Healer
    by Olympus Mons
    Flames in Disguise - feat. Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride) Flames in Disguise - feat. Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride)
    So glad to see this finally happen! Olympus Mons are a very promissing band and judging by this debut album i'm sure they will deliver amazing music. The atmoshpere on this is so heavy and pressing, as a perpetual gloom. Vocals are always evoking and complete the depth of the instrumental, plus the synth passages are simply breath taking. The tracks that feature Aaron Stainthorpe come as an unexpected surprise and the two vocalist know how to complete eachothers range and takes. just perfect!
    by LA FEMME
  16. Ion din Dorobanți EP
    by Ion Din Dorobanti
  17. Shake the Disease (Depeche Mode)
    by Tânahanner
  18. Mournful Vigils Amidst the Old Trees
    by The Dreaming Woodlands...
  19. Cursed In Eternity - Cover
    by REIGN
  20. Har
    by Dordeduh
    Vraci de nord Vraci de nord
    A full fledged masterpiece. Har comes not as a continuation of Dar de duh, as one would expect, but as a beast entirely of its own. It's so hard to describe this album in words, especially in so few words but i will just say that it's so brilliant and mature. I couldn't believe dordeduh could ever top their debut album, but here they are, proving once again that enclosing them in genres and archtypes is not just a waste of time, but also an affront to their art. Felicitări!!!