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  1. Chronos
    by Secret of Elements
  2. Faça a sua revolução.
    by Sin Rejas Street Punk
  3. Test Systemu
    by Baraka Face Junta
  4. bfj
    by Baraka Face Junta
  5. Vradiazei (S/T)
    by vradiazei
  6. Skutki Uboczne
    by el banda
  7. Radikal Satan "Nueva Marginalia" DBP020
    by Discos Buen Pony
  8. Gie it Laldy, Ya Raj - The Ruptured Ambitions Collection
    by Oi Polloi
  9. Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita EP
    by Reaksi
  10. Jedna plaga ludzka plaga / One plague human plague
  11. Straight To The Hunter
    by Arctic Flowers
  12. Reveries
    by Arctic Flowers
  13. tc187 MDC - Millions of dead cowboys
    by MDC
  14. Happy New Year EP
    by Violent Femmes
  15. Television
  16. War On Women
    by War On Women
  17. Royale Réguine
    by Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project
  18. Released
    by TAPE 008 No Defences
  19. Tout Doit Disparaître
    by Les Thugs
  20. Burnt Rubber
    by The Phobics