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  1. Delusions of Grandeur
    by Professor Electric
    Public Transit Public Transit
    Back and fuzzier than ever!
  2. Dahr
    by Dos Brujos
    All killer, no filler! This is an album's worth of riffs packed into a single jam. Never too much phaser!
  3. Outlaw Lab
    by Fairyport Convent
  4. Volt Ritual
    by Volt Ritual
    Moon Sabbath Moon Sabbath
    If this debut doesn't scratch your Sabbath itch, then nothing will! Dig the lyrics in the 2nd track -- right on!
  5. Desert On The Keel
    by Lammping
  6. Goodbye Spaceship Earth
    by A.J. Kaufmann
  7. Navel of the Universe
    by A.J. Kaufmann
  8. Säure Adler / Psychedelic Mayhem
    by A.J. Kaufmann
  9. Alligator Theater
    by Moth66
  10. FireMan
    by Gallery of Ghouls
  11. First
    by Eskimo Lunettes
  12. Second
    by Eskimo Lunettes
  13. Third
    by Eskimo Lunettes
    Festival Mud Festival Mud
    "Surf" and "Krautrock" are 2 sounds that sound better together. This rips!
  14. Fantasized
    by Shadows Taller Than Souls
  15. Blue Meth Desert
    by Monegros Acid Resort
  16. The Continuum
    by Traveler's Fold
  17. IV
    by Mammuthfinger
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. AB4223
    by The Asteroid Belt
  19. Dying Wizard
    by Dying Wizard
    Small Gods Small Gods
    The lyrics are depressing AF. Maybe that's why I dig this so much. And the riffs are heavy and groovy the way any desert stoner will enjoy
  20. No Personality
    by Magic Chicken Fudgetoe