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  1. High Quest
    by Bloody Crom
    I,Stormbringer I,Stormbringer
    Rough, nasty and loud. I love it and especially the lo-fi vocals.
  2. Quaternary Panorama
    by Lucius Fox
    Extinction/Rebirth Extinction/Rebirth
    Fantastic prog metal concept album. My full review is at
  3. Succubus
    by Trahir
    In blossom In blossom
    Shamanic psych for your next smokey incantation or heavy ritual.
  4. Brew
    by Trahir
  5. Oakland, California
    The Swamp Krewe
    Get In The Swamp 🤘🐊
    19 releases 123 updates 76 supporters
  6. Brothers of the Wolf + The First Gods Split
    by Dos Brujos
    Dos Brujos on CD for the first time with an epic set of jams from two albums and an exclusive bonus track. UNREAL
  7. Orc
    by Orc
    Free (But Nothing More) Free (But Nothing More)
    Bass & drums blending prog and stoner metal? Hell yes! This rips! My full review is at
  8. Heela Monsta
    by Heela Monsta
  9. Saucers
    by Hot Mauve
    They Mean Harm They Mean Harm
    As the producer of 2019's Best Concept Album (Crow & Poe), I hereby declare this album to be a finalist for 2020's Best Concept Album.
  10. Foundering In This Sea
    by Balthazar And The Boys
    Indefinite Multiplicity Indefinite Multiplicity
    A favorite of The Swamp Krewe.
  11. The Daimonic
    by Dos Brujos
  12. The Lancasters
    by The Lancasters
    Mata Hari Mata Hari
    Such a unique psych rock sound. This album is right out of 1969 without being derivative or sounding exactly like any other band.
  13. Opium Sunrise
    by Opium Warlock
    Monolith Of Smoke (ft. Fulanno) Monolith Of Smoke (ft. Fulanno)
    Many months in the making with guest vocals by Fulanno and Ganja Mutt. Over an hour. This is Opium Warlock's magnum opus.
  14. Farseer
    by Farseer
    Mouse Utopia Mouse Utopia
    Powerful blend of psych, stoner, and sludge. My full review is at
  15. Eyes and Tongues
    by Desert Colossus
  16. The Myth of Sentient Machines
    by Rad Parameter
  17. HCBM
    by Overdrive Orchestra
    Very heavy psych rock single. I'm looking forward to the album on Feb. 2. My review is at
  18. Saint-Jean-de-Luz
    by Solar Corona
  19. Live at Steven's House (12/14/19) [feat. Satchel Schwartz]
    by Foxy Apollo
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Tinkerer of Dreams
    by Right Handed Bill Arco
  21. Lustitia
    by T'SUN
    Part:1 Part:1
    Pure groovy instrumental psych. My review is at
  22. Phantom Gate
    by The Chief Mountains
    Another killer collection of instrumental stoner psych songs. Their debut album was one of my favorites from 2018. Go and check it out while you're waiting for this one to drop on the 24th.
  23. Gonna Be A Riot
    by Slumlord Radio
    Dig the fuzz on this new single and killer Stooges cover. My full review is at
  24. MMXIX
    by Holy Death
  25. Desperate Rogues
    by Touching the Obelisk
  26. High Winds Preacher
    by Denizen
    The Beast The Beast
    Every song on this album is a fuzzed-out stoner beast. My review is at
    by SIBYL
  28. Preludes From New Times
    by Genius Of Sugarcane
    Mantra Mantra
    Really dig the variety of sounds and themes contained in just 3 tracks. This is a band to follow for sure. My full review is at
  29. Maudlin Madness
    by Seattle Stomp
  30. ...and the desert opened its maw
    by DuneGazer
    Droughtnought Droughtnought
    I love grunge so I love this debut album, and especially the extended instrumental sections which showcase this band's musical talent. My full review is at
  31. Return from the Void
    by Deserts of Mars
    Great to hear new songs from these heavy Austin rockers. My review is at
  32. Barfighter 2
    by Barfighter
  33. Desert colossus
    by Desert Colossus
  34. The Magic Isnt Real
    by SIBYL
  35. Head For Death
    by Mister Earthbound
  36. Stoner Doom Instrumental Skyline
    by Greeoark
  37. Hot Mauve
    by Hot Mauve
    This album page is no longer missing the "ultra groovy" tag. I dig this!
  38. Them Doomed Roads
    by Godbud / Strider
    Two sides of a very heavy stoner doom psych coin. These bands sound great together. My full review is at
  39. Hanging Gardens
    by Stones Of Babylon
    Really looking forward to this album.
  40. From the Outdoors
    by Sebastian Döbbelin
    Magic Aquatic Magic Aquatic
    Very chill instrumental stoner. All about mushrooms in the desert without any harsh side effects. My full review is at
  41. Moonstone
    by Moonstone
    Plenty of stone in this this excellent debut doom metal album. Really dig the vocals too. My full review is at
  42. I
    by Cyclic Tapestry
  43. Xinantecatl
    by Tolot
  44. Atub
    by Rad Parameter
    You're Modified You're Modified
    What these songs lack in length they more than make up for with psych punk energy.
  45. Awakening in the Kingdom of Nothing
    by Ancient Hand