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  2. Rock
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  1. To The Stars By Hard Ways
    by Galactic Gulag
  2. Folk Psych Adonis (single)
    by Crow Ballard
  3. Loud & Lonely vol. 1
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  4. Dr. Greenthumb's Psychedelic Circus
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  5. In Death
    by Skullord
    Procession Procession
    Essa banda tornou-se uma referência para o doom no Brasil na minha percepção. O mais incrível é que Skullord conseguiu unir o peso das guitarras com o impacto da bateria no pulso das músicas. Impressionante!
  6. Wheel Of Time
    by Kavod
    Samsara Samsara
    Nice psychedelic-rock and heavy sound.
  7. Get In The Swamp 2019
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
    Opium Warlcok (Czechia) - Cocaine Witches (stoner metal) Opium Warlcok (Czechia) - Cocaine Witches (stoner metal)
    Absolutely insane, I was hearing in my car and almost explode the speakers!
  8. Sangue
    by Sangue
  9. Lunosphere X
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  10. Easter Vigil
    by D S C P L
  11. Blood Moon God
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  12. sustainability
    by krzyzis
    by Fulanno
  14. Rose Mall
    by D S C P L
  15. Cocaine Witches
    by Opium Warlock
  16. Space Invaders
    by Casquetaria
  17. Hitting Stellar Pipes
    by The Mountain King
    by The Mountain King
  19. Dungeon 1880
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  20. Malarian Winds
    by Stirge
  21. The Black Book
    by Dungeon Altar
  22. Ashy Mountains - EP
    by Smoothsayer
  23. Earth Day
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  24. Brothers of the Wolf (EP)
    by Dos Brujos
  25. The Atomists
    by Dos Brujos
  26. Doomed Blues LP
    by The Black Furs
  27. TETA
    by TETA
    Chapéu Preto Chapéu Preto
    This band represents grunge in its raw and true sense!
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  28. Ides of March
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  29. Orange Moon
    by Hey Satan
    Housewife Blues Housewife Blues
    Good drums presence and awesome guitar tone!
  30. Hitting Stellar Pipes (Lowest Fidelity)
    by The Mountain King
    Hitting Stellar Pipes (Lo-Fi) Hitting Stellar Pipes (Lo-Fi)
  31. Seven
    by Casquetaria