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  1. Split Peas
    by Apes (of the State), Local News Legend, Mary Wander
  2. No Room for the Night
    by False Idols
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  3. Mister Owl
    by Billy Mack Collector
    Dada Is My Favorite Word Dada Is My Favorite Word
    Tough call on the favorite track. “It’s a sleepy morning” is up there for me along with “Little Piano Girl” and “I’m destroying this sandwich.” “I’m destroying this sandwich because it makes me mad” is probably my favorite Billy Mack line ever. Many lulz for that one. I’ve listened to it twice now and I’d say it’s for sure my new favorite Billy Mack Collector album. Billy and his collection of collaborators have outdone themselves on this one. I feel like I will be listening to it a lot this summer. The instrumentation, singing, orchestrated arrangements, recording quality, and most importantly the songs are all strong. There’s a lovely, pleasant spirit that flows through the album. A fun and enjoyable collection of upbeat songs that make life feel okay.
  4. Serious Business
    by Cheap Heat
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  5. Executive Dysfunction
    by Joe Bartel
  6. Sad, Fat Luck
    by Ceschi
  7. Naive Enough
    by Zoo Animal
  8. To The Hollow Night
    by mallory
  9. Campfire Wrongs
    by Tedd Hazard
  10. Everything Will Burn
    by Insomniac Folklore
  11. People You May Know
    by Matt Latterell & The P Cool Draculas
  12. Pop Science
    by Honey Club
    My favorite new music happening right now. Great sounds, great lyrics, great arrangements, great melodies, great songs. I just like listening to it. Honey Club are real rare and rare real.
  13. Familiar Eyes
    by Termination Dust
  14. Never Too Late
    by Termination Dust
  15. Fake Tinder
    by David Ivan Neil
    “Why do all these politicians try to rule my life
    When all I wanna do is smoke a blunt and ride my bike?”

    I listen to this album often and I love it. Comrades are my favorite punk band right now. Every song on this is good.
  17. Billy Mack Collector Covers
    by Billy Mack Collector Covers
  18. I Feel Loved ver.64
    by Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm
  19. Sweetest Song
    by Honey Club
    by R.U.U.N.E.
  21. Joyous
    by The Curiously Strong Peppermints
  22. Vacant Daydream
    by OVER
  23. 30-love
    by zekibird
    coffee shop without limits coffee shop without limits
    Great album by one of my favorite artists. It's a nice mix of melancholy and upbeat melodic songs that always have something to say.
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  24. One Last Big Job
    by Ramshackle Glory
  25. Holy Shit
    by Davey Dynamite and Friends