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Michael Harmer

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  1. River Red Gum
    by Acronym
  2. The Gods Planet - The Golden Age
    by TGP
  3. Wrapped
    by Acronym
  4. Stealth 3/3
    by Peter Van Hoesen
  5. Stealth 2/3
    by Various Artists
  6. Ambivalent Fields
    by Klipsun
  7. GOLD - EP
    by Canopy Hands
  8. apartments
    by the sun and the ocean
  9. 7" split with Featherweight
    by mowgli
  10. Caravels and Octaves Split
    by Topshelf Records
  11. sky carpet
    by atrabillions
  12. Charmer
    by tigers jaw
  13. Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
    by Seahaven
  14. Special Explosion
    by Special Explosion
  15. Ormai
    by Fine Before You Came
    Uh, Italian? Good for a few listens, kinda hard to get really into due to the language barrier.
  16. Knots
    by Crash Of Rhinos
    Luck Has A Name Luck Has A Name
    First track = yes. Rest is decent.
  17. Distal
    by Crash Of Rhinos
    Big Sea Big Sea
    Ridiculously good. Standouts @ Big Sea, Stiltwalker, Gold on Red, Closure and Asleep. So, most of the album xD
  18. Mess//Disillusioned CD-R
    by mowgli
    So tight, improving songwriting. Look out for EP-length release in the next year or something. Finger's crossed.
  19. Geidi Primes
    by Grimes
  20. Halfaxa
    by Grimes
  21. Notre Finale 2013
    by Notre
    Interesting couple of songs. Best described as 'polarising', but I really dig it.
  22. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
    Dig it. Best @ full listen-throughs.
  23. The Anaesthete
    by Rosetta
    Cathartic post-metal. Best enjoyed in a certain mindset, and in long stretches.
  24. s/t tape
    by Jungbluth
    Heavy, emotional. Think Converge but with heaps of 90s emotive hardcore influence.
  25. You Will Not Survive
    by The Saddest Landscape
    Alongside peers such as Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape play a style of emotive hardcore that I often don't enjoy -- 4 minute plus songs, post-rock tendencies and so on. On this release however, there's enough aggression and movement within the songs to make it a pretty enjoyable listen. Still best if you take a good 1/2 hour though.
  26. Fencing EP
    by FENCING
    English emo/math rock. Fairly average representation of the genre as a whole, but they have some cool moments. Decent on the whole.
  27. Yo, Put That Bag Back On
    by Yo, Put That Bag Back On
    Sydney punk/emo/hardcore. Pretty solid. Some Title Fight influence if you dig that (you should).
  28. St. Thomas Demo
    by mowgli
    A flavour of the emotive/hardcore/indie scene, hailing from Sydney. Real tight for such a new band.
  29. Notre Demo Nov 2012
    by Notre
    Carved Out Of Stone and Clad With Armour Carved Out Of Stone and Clad With Armour
    Amazing vocalist/lyrics.

    Amazing live set as well.
  30. Facing
    by Facing
    ...prog rock/metal. Similar to stuff like Fall of Troy and Closure in Moscow but more mature.
  31. Split
    by Pianos Become The Teeth
    Hiding Hiding
    Couple of really sick songs...the two extra songs are surprisingly good as well.
  32. Insignificant
    by Homage
    Solid melodic hardcore.
  33. Decompositions:Volume Number One
    by Circle Takes the Square
    Had a quick listen, many more to come. Some of the most dense, interesting stuff out there.
  34. Dark World
    by Pity Sex
    Flower Girl Flower Girl
    Mix of a few nice styles, has some great moments/riffs.
  35. Mutual Attraction//Opposite Direction
    by Tiger! Tiger!
    The Week of the Fourth of July The Week of the Fourth of July
    Some decent stuff.
  36. Montreal
    by Captain, We're Sinking
    A couple of really great songs, can't say anything bad about these guys really. Dynamic, heartfelt, energetic.
  37. S/T EP (2011)
    Winter Coats Winter Coats
    Not quite the same impact as Wild Party EP but still has some amazing stuff on it.
  38. Split
    by touche amore
    The Casket Lottery - White Lies The Casket Lottery - White Lies
    Solid split. Usual goodness by Touche. Never heard of The Casket Lottery but they're pretty good.
  39. Ghost
    by Seahaven
    Head In the Sand (Blinding Son) Head In the Sand (Blinding Son)
    Something in the vein of Basement, very solid EP.

    Edit: Although way later, I fucking love these guys.
  40. Colourmeinkindness
    by Basement
    Basement's second album...not quite so profoundly good as the first, but still a decent listen.
  41. Fade
    by Cloudkicker
    LA After Rain LA After Rain
    Interesting instrumental album.
  42. Hold Onto Your Luck (LP)
    by Trophywife
    Super tight and technical. Mix of prog/post-hardcore/emotive hardcore.
  43. Still
    by Dionaea
    Same Story Same Story
    Super epic instrumental goodness.
  44. Onsombil
    by Onsombil
    Not something I typically listen to. Pretty dope collection of electronic/instrumental stuff.