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  1. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    The Oppressor The Oppressor
    I listen through this album at least once daily. I had been under the impression that I knew all that metal had to offer as a genre. These guys re-wrote the rules. It's an amazingly fresh musical journey, taking bits and pieces from different genres and subgenres and molding it all into continuous stream of good music.
  2. w^w^^w^w
    by Car Bomb
    Lower the Blade Lower the Blade
    Much more mainstream sounding than the 2 other albums currently in Car Bomb's discography. Mainstream metal that is. This album seems to take quite a bit of influence from djent, sounding very close to Tesseract at times. Still they remain unique and always find a way to flip a groove completely sideways.
  3. Centralia
    by Car Bomb
    H5N1 H5N1
    Car Bomb's most raw and jazzy album. Plenty of great tracks and weird experimentation. It really set the tone for what was to come in Car Bomb's discography while also being it's own record with a distinctive sound.
  4. Plot / Scheme
    by Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
    Room Of Maps Room Of Maps
  5. Mercury Fountain
    by The Physics House Band
    Calypso Calypso
  6. Kodama (Luxus)
    by Alcest
    Oiseaux De Proie Oiseaux De Proie
  7. Wretch
    by Wretch
    Rest In Peace Rest In Peace
  8. Renaissance Sound
    by Renaissance Sound
    Don't Eat My Dwarves Don't Eat My Dwarves
  9. BeatCast Studio Sessions
    by Three Trapped Tigers
    Cramm Cramm
  10. To Forget
    by To Forget
    Gilded Gilded
  11. Deadbeat Prophet
    by Rico Jeezus
    Red Cloud Red Cloud