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Suffering Brings Wisdom

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  1. Pervertor
    by Lord Mantis
  2. Steel Casket
    by Primitive Man
  3. Animated Violence Mild
    by Blanck Mass
  4. Most Vicious Animal
    by Hive
  5. Hive
    by Hive
  6. No Skin split
    by Hive
  7. Parasitic Twin
    by Hive
  8. Asphyxia
  9. Thousand Mile Stare
    by Incendiary
  10. portrayal of guilt / Soft Kill Split
    by portrayal of guilt
  11. O God who avenges, shine forth. Rise up, Judge of the Earth; pay back to the proud what they deserve.
    by the body
  12. Blood of the Beasts
    by SECT
  13. Messe I.X-VI.X
    by Ulver
    by Ulver
  15. Principle Of Pain
  16. Rites of Despair
    by Fórn
  17. Full Of Hell / Intensive Care - Split (Undesirable-017)
    by Full Of Hell / Intensive Care
  18. A Patient Man
    by Cult Leader
  19. Ripe Earth
    by Many Blessings
  20. Quantum Eraser
    by Secret Cutter
  21. Beautiful Ruin
    by Converge
  22. Inconsolable
    by Thou
  23. Magus
    by Thou
  24. Futility+Untitled
    by Primitive Man
  25. Fires Within Fires
    by Neurosis

gifts given

Suffering Brings Wisdom has given 10 gifts.
  1. Torch of Our Final Night
    by Woman is the Earth
  2. Lucid Dawn
    by Arkaik
  3. As The World Bleeds
    by Theocracy
  4. Declaration Day
    by Bastard Nation
  5. Heart of Akamon
    by Nechochwen
  6. Fire on the Mountain
    by Twilight of the Gods
  7. Slow Forever
    by COBALT
  8. Swarth
    by PORTAL
  9. Honor Found In Decay
    by Neurosis
  10. Three Men and a Baby
    by Mike & The Melvins