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  1. Awakening:Sleeping
    i love this band :')))))
  2. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
    grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg
    bangers from beginning to end!! but what else could you expect from Chat Pile?
  3. Valley, Fold
    by ORRE
  4. Expert In A Dying Field
    by The Beths
    Head In The Clouds Head In The Clouds
    super fun!! but The Beths always are :^)) i think i said this last time - nothing will ever top their debut - but this one comes p close! it has a very consistent and fun energy that i enjoy a lot. it's like listening to sunshine. another thing i may have also said about Jump Rope Gazers lol.
  5. hymns for the scorned
    by for your health
    Ride Ride
    i love both of these bands + i was super excited for this split,, elated to say that it exceeded every expectation <3
  6. Pool Kids
    by Pool Kids
    Swallow Swallow
    super different from their debut, but that's to be expected after four years. and it's not in a bad way, either!! i miss the emo sound, but the boldness of this album is just as enjoyable. definitely worth the wait!
  7. Famously Alive
    by Guerilla Toss
    Cannibal Capital Cannibal Capital
    the perfect noise pop crunchy but so sparkly at the same time :^))))
  8. Cowboy Music
    by Cerce
    Bats Bats
    hearing Cerce's music for the first time knowing nothing abt them except the name + cover of this album was an extremely jarring experience but i would not have had it any other way..everything this band does rips so so hard + i love them
  9. discography 2011 - 2013
    by Cerce
    Noise #2 Noise #2
  10. Live: Last Show, Boston
    by Cerce
  11. second to last show ever 5/26/2013
    by Cerce
  12. Cerce
    by Cerce
    Weary Weary
    Cerce is my new favorite hardcore band and i have this album to thank for introducing me to them <3
  13. Split
    by Cerce
  14. Teen Bible
    by Cerce
    Something About a Broken Heart Something About a Broken Heart
    it's hard to say bc they're all so perfect, but this may be my favorite Cerce release just for how instrumental it is. for better or for worse, that's a little rare for them but i really love it here !!
  15. Hellfire
    by black midi
    simultaneously their most noisy, melodic, and fun release yet :^))) my new favorite from black midi <33
  16. Sun Soaking
    by lobsterfight
    The Theme For This Evening's Warm Dinner Salad The Theme For This Evening's Warm Dinner Salad
    such a bright and sunny album!! pun intended, maybe.
  17. Banker's Hill
    by El Ten Eleven
    You Are Enough You Are Enough
    all of El Ten Eleven's albums are super comfy, but none of them even come close to this. real music to be happy to :^)))
  18. Mirrors
    Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
    Mirrors is just good enough for me to forgive the fact that every time i think abt this album i have to remember the name of the band that made it. which is to say that it's fantastic; goodness gracious you guys!!!!!!!
  19. With Regards From Home
    by FES
  20. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
    by Big Thief
    Red Moon Red Moon
    Big Thief's most beautiful, most cohesive work yet. there are twenty songs on this album and not a single one of them ever gets old. i will listen to this album until i die <3