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  1. Damned When Dead CD
    by Mael Mordha
    Doom metal and history is a great combination! The band tells stories in an epic way, with great character.
  2. Hypnagogia
    by EVOKEN
    The Weald Of Perished Men The Weald Of Perished Men
    A beautiful masterpiece in Evoken's discography. This is definitely my favorite of their releases. I get goosebumps listening to this album (especially from my favorite track). The band really brought the concept of this album to life, not sparing you from the chilling misery and despair.
  3. Carnal Confessions
    by Fvneral Fvkk
    A Shadow in the Dormitory A Shadow in the Dormitory
    This is a masterpiece in doom metal, my favorite kind of music in the world. Absolutely melancholic, sorrowful, and dark. This album deserves to be listened to attentively, so that you feel every part of it! Beautiful melodies. This album is on repeat for me.
    Make sure to read the track by track lyric explanation, it makes it even more impactful.
  4. Yearwalker
    by Gloson
    Årsgång Årsgång
    Darkness, doom, sludge, this is the embodiment of heavy. Love the whole album.
  5. Anthill
    by Grorr
    05. Part II Civilisation : Mhome 05. Part II Civilisation : Mhome
    This band really makes a nice atmosphere/theme come to life. It's like one big story, all songs fade or lead into the next making it more enjoyable to listen to, especially all the way through in a sitting.
  6. The Unknown Citizens
    by Grorr
    The Dreamer - A New Circle The Dreamer - A New Circle
    Like with their album Anthill, Grorr makes a theme come to life, interesting themes too. More industrial (but still including their ethnic instruments), fitting in great with the theme of people in an old, lost industrial civilization of cold steel. You can feel the emotions/atmosphere and story paired with each of the three concepts in this album.
  8. Reprisal
    by KEN mode
    The Musk Ox The Musk Ox
    Pure primal fury! Even after years of listening to this album, I don't get tired of it.
  9. The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
    by Earth
    Engine Of Ruin Engine Of Ruin
  10. Success
    by KEN mode
    Management Control Management Control
    I love the raw sound that these guys put out. It hits you hard and heavy. Vocals are more clear and put more in front than previous releases. Instrumentals are top notch.
    Great contrast throughout the album; an engaging listen.
  11. Loved
    by KEN mode
    No Gentle Art No Gentle Art
    Great album once again!
  12. Aeons in Tectonic Interment
    by Tyranny
    Sunless Deluge Sunless Deluge
  13. The Incubus Of Karma
    by Mournful Congregation
  14. Downstream
    by Goatpsalm
    Downstream Downstream
  15. Erset La Tari
    by Goatpsalm
    Under The Trident Of Ramanu Under The Trident Of Ramanu
  16. Grimen
    by Gloson
    Antlers Antlers
  17. Dimension Thule
    by Blue Snaggletooth
    Recollection Blues Recollection Blues
    Killer riffs, awesome drums, and dynamic vocals.
  18. Beyond Thule
    by Blue Snaggletooth
  19. The Mortal
    by Merlin
    The Mortal Suite The Mortal Suite
    So glad I discovered this band. Nothing short of a fuzzy and psychedelic doomy masterpiece. This band knows how to rock out and how to create music that feels like a dream.
  20. Corpse Fortress
    by Ilsa
    Prosector Prosector
  21. Cloak of Skies (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    Outlet of Hatred Outlet of Hatred
    This band definitely gives off a Godflesh feel, but doesn't imitate at all. They make their music their own. Absolutely crushing music, Ghost in the Fire is great as well!
  22. Reclaimed by the Forest
    by AlgomA
    Reclaimed by the Forest Reclaimed by the Forest
    Heavy, hellish sludge to coat your speakers. Despair in every track. One of my favorite sludge albums.
  23. The Lost Tapes
    by Blaze Camo
    Jaws Jaws
    Man I wish these guys made more before disbanding, because this is a great collection of songs. Sick riffs and grooves.
  24. Vindictive Miscreant (Death Metal)
    by MASTER (Czech Republic)
  25. Meridiem
    by Tanagra
  26. None Of This Is Real
    by Tanagra
    The Path to Talmor The Path to Talmor
    Great power metal! Looking forward to more!
  27. Brilliant Noise
    Makes Me Think Makes Me Think
    Fuzzy, dreamy, and pretty relaxing. Distorted guitars and spacey vocals; a fun album.
  28. Extinct
    by Frowning
    Frédèric Chopins Marché Funebré Frédèric Chopins Marché Funebré
  29. Apocalypse (Death Metal)
    by COLOSSO (Portugal)
    Death Death
    This band captures the atmosphere of each track title, and of an apocalypse as a whole. The use of different vocalists works well, adding to the contrast between tracks. Crushing music! Awesome album.
  30. Neon Graves (Death Metal/Crust)
    by GOREGӒNG (US)
    Goregӓng Goregӓng
    These guys know how to be very fun, crusty, and heavy at the same time!
  31. The Festival (Lovecraftian Metal)
    by SWAMPCULT (Netherlands)
    Chapter V - The Rite Chapter V - The Rite
  32. Hibernaculum
    by Earth
  33. Split
  34. Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I
    by Earth
  35. Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
    by Earth
  36. A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extraction
    by Earth
  37. The Death of Gaia (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands)
  38. Trinity of Deception (Death Metal)
    by BURIAL REMAINS (Netherlands)
  39. The Blinding Light Of Faith (Death Metal)
  40. Ritual Executions (Sludge/Death Metal)
    by THE DEAD (Australia)
  41. Entrance to the Otherwhere (Death Metal)
    by ROGGA JOHANSSON (Sweden)
    As always Dopethrone never drops off with their ability of making great music. These guys only get better with their path getting more grimy as they go. No weaknesses. PLAY IT LOUD!
  43. Demonsmoke
    Wizard's Sleeve Wizard's Sleeve
  44. Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
    by WARCRAB (UK)
  45. Here The Dead Live (Death Metal)
    by NOX IRAE (France)