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  1. ジャングル
    by 地球
  2. KOALA KORP コアラ
  3. Swag 流儀
    by waterfront dining
  4. Super Villain 2: The Road Warrior
    by DeathWish
  5. E U P H O R I A
    by ll nøthing ll & MIDI에서
  6. The Anthem of Aces
  7. 我在這裡
    by 夢想的頻道
  8. Lost Memories 3
    by 骷
  9. Skeleton
    by 骷
  10. Kween Pepsi
    by Jesse Cassettes
  11. M a l l A l o n e
    by NightSwim
  12. Ja, Wir Haben Geöffnet!
    by NightSwim
  13. Special Party in Space ゙サヂなゖ新
    by Saynoz
  14. [CD043] Forest Floor
    by Arcadia Suites
  15. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h
  16. Unhappy World feat. Anton LaVey
    by 385North
    Unhappy World feat. Anton LaVey Unhappy World feat. Anton LaVey
    Despite dark synth not being part of my tastes, overall it is a good short album with voice recordings of Anton LaVey.
    It is my
  17. A P l a c e W h e r e T h e L i g h t I s S i l e n t
    by 385North
    C i r c l e VI: W e l c o m e T o T h e F e s t i v a l O f V a n i t y C i r c l e VI: W e l c o m e T o T h e F e s t i v a l O f V a n i t y
    After Yokohama mall 1 & 2, this could be eeeasily my top3 mallsoft release from 385North, and for sure Dante or Sin Kuang would be proud of this album to put it straight on every hell as the official OST!
    Similarly to his previous works, this one is very purist in terms of composition, only with the precise fx to give the corridor sensation, that also despite sounding calm and perfect, the echo and the melody tells that something is not right; the dark awaits somewhere in the mall..
    It is my
  18. Infinite Mall [Remastered]
    by 385North
    Rummage [Remastered] Rummage [Remastered]
    For being this one the first mall where all started, it's awesome!
    Even with the remastered effects doesn't give me the incredible mallsoft effect like the later works from 385North [which I can understand since it's his 1st mallsoft release], but it does have a great AESTHETICS and an awesome VΛP♢RWΛVΞ (き代苛) pace to listen to everyday.
    Get it. For your health.
    It is for sure my
  19. Radio North 大橋 [Vol. I]
    by 385North
    Say I Love You So Say I Love You So
    Maaaan! with such amazing album cover from Tatsuro Yamashita's "For you", you already know that the ΛΞSHΞTICS (ゅのが)level will be immense! And after listening to it, indeed this radio only delivers pure Nihonsthetics.
    Simply amazing!
    It is my
  20. War Against Machines [Darkest Future Circle Pt. III ]
    by 385North
    WarZone WarZone
    If I have to fight against Skynet and its army of T-800, T-1000, etc.., on our not so futuristic devastated world, this would be definitely my OST on my player next to Sarah Connor.
    Awesome dark and cyberpunk beats to put some roughness to your collection!.
    It is for sure my
  21. VICE
    by 385North//Bart Graft
    Calderone´s Return Part I Calderone´s Return Part I
    This release is certainly interesting, with slow and classic 80's AESHETICS that I feel them veeery closely related to New Wave and also the gothic beats of that time, which personally is not on my listening repertoir, but I still enjoyed this album with a nice length.
    It is my
  22. アルバムタイトル
    by 385North // R E Z N O R W A V E
    チリイン [385North] チリイン [385North]
    A classic Vaporwave 恩ボ仮 pace/style release, with chill slow beats, veery nice samples, and the most important, a very nice flow and synergy of tunes between 385North and R E Z N O R WA V E.
    Go on. Hop into this rounded flat. For your health.
    As Sade goes well everywhere, It is indeed my
  23. Foley´s Holidaytrip To Beverly Hills
    by 385North
    Inspector T., I´m Back! Inspector T., I´m Back!
    I definitely need to re-visit both Beverly Hills Cop films to enjoy even more the references along the tracks. But the æsthetics here even if you don't relate them to the movies, are uplifting, sparkly and rico suave Vaporwave to enjoy at any time.
    Get it. For your health.
    'Cause of Its cop jam, it is with no doubt my
  24. Reservation At Dorsia
    by 385North // 猫 シ Corp.
    Because Of You [with 猫 シ Corp.] Because Of You [with 猫 シ Corp.]
    Damn how I love the deliciously overloaded AESTHETICS on this one! sumthin' that actually doesn't surprise me coming from these two. but not exclusively that as a reason, it is also about how this full VAPORWAVE release immerses you in a real 90's bohemian night, full of neon lights, people on the streets n drinks at Dorsia. And to achieve this in an album, you necessarily need to know 100% about the legit style of that time, not only what the modern æsthetics shows us today.
    It is indeed my
  25. All Boys Leave Home Someday
    by 385North
    Homesick, I'm Lonely Homesick, I'm Lonely
    Maaaan the sensual 【Slowjams】 on this one is brutal!
    Do you remember the slowjams era when on the last bits of the party the lights went down, the rhythm became slower and oh boee! you knew you had to leave your inner kid to become a man, grab that lady and dance with the silky flow of that WAVE? Well, this release will take you straight to that sweet MEMORY.
    An amazing VAPORWAVE -の為 for your collection. For your health.
    It is for sure my
  26. Passion&Depression
    by 385North // R E Z N O R W A V E
    Art Exhibition [385North] Art Exhibition [385North]
    The best surprises come in a small package, and this one is no exception at all! 'cause despite how short the album is, oh boeeeee it is loaded with powerful AESTHETICS ゝをゝ, nostalgia and all those love matters and silky passion style from the 80's.
    Definitely a √ムアの尺Wム√乇 release you cannot miss.
    Grab it. For your health.
    It is for sure my
  27. カルマ - KARMA
    by yugen-ue
    私につかまって 私につかまって
    Boee!! This is eeeasily one of the most balanced and most AESTHETICS album I've heard lately!
    The Vaporwave energy on this one is SO strong, yet so refined, precise and delicate that it's truly a total joy and pleasure to listen to it from beginning to end. And its variety of beats and pace whether uplifting, chill or relaxing, all of them were crafted with the perfect measure.
    I'm actually very sad I didn't check this one before, when the cassettes were available.
    It is indeed my
  28. Invitation To The Voyage
    by Setsuko Suwa
  29. Night Love
    by 「サンセット Network❾❶」/Cosmic Cycler
  30. TOWERS
    by TOWERS
  31. 海食洞
    by s a k i 夢
  32. A Closed Door
    by Crystal Warmth
  33. ショッピング@ Yokohama Mall Pt.II
    by 385North
    Pretend, Release, The Close Pretend, Release, The Close
    ADVICE: Go and get Pt.I first to get the full Λesthetics experience on your mind!

    Not being less than Pt.I, this release is the smoothest jazzy-classy mallsoft you'll hear!:
    The pace, the distinctive 80's contemporary jazz Pat Metheny style, the suave reverb n the feels and of shopping in Yokohama mall of Vaporwave is totally mesmerizing! And as its predecessor, also didn't even need the distinctive mallsoft ambient noise in the background to mark its identity.
    Pure gold.
    It is for sure my
  34. Journeys
    by Timecop 1983
  35. Paradise Lost
    by Fat Man Miami
    Maaaan I'm sooo so glad to have bought a cassette!
    First cause Seikomart's packaging and all the little hand-made/written presents are simply WONDERFUL, and I even consider them as important as the tape itself (Thanks so much Lumi for the love <3). And secondly cause since 2017 I was waiting for a tape version, when I 1st encountered Fat Man's album thanks to Jason Sanders' YT channel.
    The album itself? Just buy it boee!, it is totally sick ΛΣSTHΣTICS with powerful VAPORWAVE over 9k!
    It is my
    by Gulf Audio Company
  37. ショッピング@Yokohama Mall
    by 385North
    Fashion 犠牲者 Fashion 犠牲者
    Maaaan! I can eeeeasily say this MALLSOFT release can be next to the legendary albums like "Palm Mall" or "슈퍼마켓Yes! We’re Open". However this one is the tru real deal in all senses, 'cause it doesn't even need the people walking/talkin in the background to show its identity, since the tunes are so powerfully bonded with the soul of the mid 80's/early 90's shopping malls, and that is simply superb, narcotic and immersive. Simply over 9k.
    It is absolutely my
  38. Late Night Delight
    by LE//SP
    Oh boeeeeeee!!! This release is certainly for me the true AESTHETICS よモた with such clash of titans of the Vaporwave scene! Despite being a short release, it is superb and has no waste from beginning to end, especially when you had the chance to get a cassette copy (thanks to the brilliant decision of MyPetFlamingo to limit the purchase of it to 2 per user <3).
    It is impossible to choose a single track, so it is my Favorite track: The whole album
  39. ビーチガール (D e l u x e E d i t i o n)
    by playmateジェットセッター
    hipsヒップ hipsヒップ
    Excellent FutureFunk with awesome remixes to survive with groove and Aesthetics ヸ依ゐ thru a hot retro summer.
    It is for sure my
  40. SIGNS
    by Wizard Of Loneliness
    ミミルmimmiruミミル ミミルmimmiruミミル
    Beeeautiful set of uplifting and refreshing beats, mostly from mid-end 90's rap scene, combined with sparkly Λesthetics, to make the day of anyone looking for this kind of sounds.
    Like it. For your health.
    It is indeed my
    by FUJII
    Raft Raft
    I definitely like this Lo-Fi feel like style of this release, where you can easily absorb the nostalgic warmth mood of it, with these yellow/orange tones, full of slow paced and chill Aesthetics, to calm your anahata.
    IT is indeed my
  42. Grand Prix
    by 96 Pontiac
    Tomorrow Tomorrow
    This was definitely an exquisite and softly AESTHETICS 科椅ブ race to the podium of VΛP♢RWΛVΞ, with quality samples, chill beats and enjoyable light g̷̢̰͎̜̽̒̓̽̌̂͌̆l̷̛͈̗̻̙̻̝̹̘̒͛̂́̐̓̈͑͋̔̑͠ͅͅì̸̩͌͛̓͗̅̐̎̓̚̚t̸͓̂̓͋̎̽̊̀̉̉̈́̃͛͠c̴̨̢͚̫̻̹̲͈͌́̾̑͐̈͆̉̈́̈́̕̚͠h̵̨͉͚̥͖̪͌̍̈́ę̴̛͈̥̰̮͔̹̮́́͜ş̸̛͎̥͖̦͚͙̟̐͒̈́̈́̉͑́͊̿͒̑̏͘ in many of the tracks, which in a great mix, an epic 96 Pontiac was created to win the Grand Prix.
    Get it. For your health.
    It is indeed my
  43. The Cocoon Trilogy
    by waterfront dining
    III: the phoenix III: the phoenix
    Oh boeeee! wot a great release to have in your collection!
    Waterfront dining as usual, always delivering the finest AESTHETICS リ疫モ, and on this case, those sexy silky slow jams from the late 80's/early 90's and some sparkly pop within the unique VΛP♢RWΛVΞ flava from waterfront dining.
    Get it. For your health.
    It is absolutely my
  44. Modern Living
    by ll nøthing ll
    Dystopian busts Dystopian busts
    aaawwww how I love the Vaporwave 以彙ッ swag on this release, boeeee!. And personally talking, it has the ferpect Λesthetics to listen to it on a fresh and clear beach evening: just you, the sunset, your mullet and thicc moustache waving with the breeze, and the boombox sensually playing in the background.
    Get it. For your health.
    It is with no doubt my
  45. chromute
    by altostrati