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  1. Golem Soundtrack
    by Marty O'Donnell
  2. NieR: Automata X Doom (2 Covers)
    by geoffplaysguitar
  3. Helltaker Soundtrack (Complete)
    by Mittsies
  4. Alchemy
    by Mittsies
  5. Music For Satanic Children
    by Simon Stålenhag
  6. 0edit
    by Ed Harrison
    Set Set
  7. Risk of Rain 2
    by Chris Christodoulou
  8. Void Bastards (Original Soundtrack)
    by Ryan Roth
  9. Solaris
    by The Rosen Corporation
  10. Pale Fire
    by The Rosen Corporation
  11. The Electric State
    by Simon Stålenhag
    by Jake Kaufman
  13. Invisigun Heroes (Original Soundtrack)
    by Paper Sound
  14. Blendoku 2 (Original Soundtrack)
    by Paper Sound
  15. Music For DOS
    by Simon Stålenhag
  16. Moonlighter
    by David Fenn
  17. The Final Station DLC, Soundtrack
    by Pavel Kuprianov, Geoff Hart-Jones
  18. BATTLETECH (Original Soundtrack)
    by Jon Everist
  19. Welcome to Town
    by Zencha
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero OST
    by Jake Kaufman