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  1. Brampton, Ontario
  2. Experimental
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  1. I Am Here to Represent a Piece of Wood
    by D. A. Meeks
  2. Dave Clark - Cosmic Raydeo
    by Dave Clark
  3. Mark's Hope Animal
    by Macula Dog
  4. Plug
    by Macula Dog
  5. The Void
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  6. Negative Infinity
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  7. Cataclysm
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  8. The Reality Is Depth EP
    by SlowPitchSound
  9. Page Soundtrack Suite
    by Frank Pahl
  10. Physical Wizard VII
    by Physical Wizard
  11. Blood of Fools
    by Olde Grale
  12. Joy Will Find Us
    by Rebecca Hennessy
  13. Still Standing (w bonus tracks)
    by Five Knuckle Chuckle
  14. All Hat
    by Dearly Beloved
  15. Let's Make This Easy
    by Dearly Beloved
  16. Candy Coated
    by Dearly Beloved
  17. In Cahoots: Volume 7
    by Frank Pahl
  18. Mach Spitz Got Foggy Pockets
    by Beef Chiefs
  19. Shirk – Part I
  20. Cum Duster (Tempting Gods)
    by Shalabi Effect