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French Kettle Station

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  2. Experimental
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  1. The Music Industry is Poisonous
    by LUCY
  2. The Dead Goldfish Ensemble - Fishy Tails
    by The Dead Goldfish Ensemble
  3. Hangouts Vol. 1
    by Inbox Within
  4. Digital Release
    by K129
    WasteLandCenter.dub WasteLandCenter.dub
    Powerful. Stripped-down. How do we classify this? "Power Strip"?
  5. glue
    by pent
  6. Conflict
    by John Carroll Kirby
  7. twinkling puddle
    by Andy Loebs
  8. Chemin
    by Bouti
  9. Music Planet
    by Space Heater
    Image 184 (ft. Euglossine) Image 184 (ft. Euglossine)
    Best band, I mean it
  10. Year Of the Orc EP
    by BODY MEAT
    Ghost (feat. Laraaji) Ghost (feat. Laraaji)
    Chris just keeps getting better and better! Massive release.
  11. Deputy Goblin
    by Goblin King of The Pop Stars
  12. Stock Fantasy Zone
    by Babau
  13. Sketches For World Of Echo: June 25 1984 Live At Ei
    by Arthur Russell
  14. Palimpsest
    by JRMMT
  15. Vincent's Synthetic Pleasure
    by Virgil Work Jr.
  16. Animals 2
    by Julian Lynch
  17. Exit
    by Alex Brown
  18. Someone (Most Likely You) / Responsive Design
    by Space Heater
  19. god-the-bitch has hidden
    by accursed share
  20. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker