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  1. The Taxter Factor
    by David Sneider and Miles Gilbert
    Old Memories Old Memories
    Great stuff. Feels just like sitting on your patio from time to time. I love the tp sound, the swing and the spacey recording.
  2. Nuff Headlines
    by Shay Hazan Quintet
    Vertigo Vertigo
    It's got everything, the combination of what I reconize, the mystic bits taken from another cultural background performed by great musicians & that someone really attached great importance to the production of the music. Good job.
  3. Grenadier
    by Fazer
    Like their instrumentation and of course what they create with it. dr*dr, b rhythms, tp & g melodies and harmonies and the transperancy they keep. Did I forget anything? Probably not with this description.
    by Fat Freddy's Drop
    This is relaxed & they are relaxed. Nevertheless steadily pushing forward. Relaxness mixed with determination. Perfect blend I'd say.
  5. La cumbia me está llamando (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
    by Nubya Garcia
    Everything floats. Sax and vocals are embedded in supportive elements. But what do the parts without sax and vocals stand for ? Makes me think that supportive elements may also play major roles. Great remix, provoking all sorts of associations.
  6. Troubadour of Stomp
    by pat mAcdonald
    Seeing Things Seeing Things
    Sweet songs of self-reflection. I am pretty shure Pat MacDonald doesn't know me. No chance he does. I have been in his audience only once and have crossed this bridge in Sturgeon Bay only twice. Astonishingly his music creates strong resonances.
  7. 4 1/2
    by Steven Wilson
    My Book Of Regrets My Book Of Regrets
    This guy and his friends keep reminding me of music I might have heard in my progressive past. However, his ideas perfectly blend, mix, merge to tell fascinating city stories with powerful and beautiful statements.
  8. Xinxin
    by Xinxin
    Control Control
    That's what I call a reflected band sound. They really seem to listen to each other. Lots of ideas. Clearly distinguishable & space opening instruments. In contrast vocals close to the ears. Like it when from time to time they lift off.
  9. Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
    by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
    City Heights City Heights
    Nice cover. But of course there's more to it. l learned a new vocabulary "gritty funk". Good if its combined with light hearted melodies. Does make life more easy.
  10. Too Close to the Pole
    by Bobby Previte
    Too Close to the Pole Too Close to the Pole
    Impressive compositions with multiple interactions of electronics, woodwinds, brass and you name it. Not to forget the incredible dr & perc work providing structure and flow. Genres are just put aside.
  11. Yellow
    by Emma-Jean Thackray
    Green Funk Green Funk
    This is fully spiritual jazz with groovy and funky elements. It's quite hard to imagine beforehand and quite easy to experience - just listen to tuba, symphonic sounds and you name it. There is so much to discover.
  12. Nim Quartet II
    by Nim Sadot
    Miracle Man Miracle Man
    This music's got lots of things I like. A cool instrumentation, varying arrangements, rhythmic finesse and well balanced sounds. Thanks.
    by pat mAcdonald
    Policy of Truth Policy of Truth
    Why PM does DM? How can I know. So I started to explore. PMs version, DMs version and PMs version again. Fascinating alternating baths. Obviously they both approach us from the odd side. Love to hear DM doing PM or a dream come true DM together with PM.
  14. The Description Is Not The Described
    by Nathaniel Cross
    Light In The Darkness Light In The Darkness
    In my next life I'd like to be an hockey or a trombone player.
  15. Hand. Cannot. Erase.
    by Steven Wilson
    Hand Cannot Erase Hand Cannot Erase
    Is this album full of reminiscences of british rock history? However, its fascinating to listen to every layer of this sophisticated production. Love this guys musicality and his touching singing.
  16. The Sky Cries
    by Chad McCullough | Michal Vanoucek
    Where The Sky Cries Where The Sky Cries
    This guy and his mates hoover through a fascinating jazz moods. And they always have a hand of water unterneath their keel.
  17. Entrance
    by John Hasselback III
    Blood Orange Blood Orange
    They skillfully fly through the compositions. I'm learning to fly too just by listening. Quality Jazz time. Thanks guys.
  18. The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
    by Steven Wilson
    Drive Home Drive Home
    Is it prog or good old jazz rock? Can't tell. What so ever. It's really something else according to me.
    by Martin Sjöstedt
    What Now What Now
    Jazz in an excellent laid back way. Feels like being in a dimmed down club after a good mooded day and few favorite drinks. What else can you wish for? Thanks for the hint.
  20. Urban Nightingale
    by Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters Quartet
    Freezing Freezing
    Fascinating how music is not just music and sometimes one doesn't only hear notes and sees images but also believes to grasp some underlying emotion. Here I associate that these guys at this moment totally trust and support each other with there musical ideas. Sensitive melodies wrapped between jazzy and classical movements.