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  1. Starbound
    by Dreamstate Logic
    On Wings Of Light On Wings Of Light
    Goosebumps all over my body. Sooooo happy about it to have this cd in my collection💪🏽.
    But for now it's in my cd player.
    Dear Colby, thank you so much for making this album. 🙏🏻
  2. S P A C E (Reissue)
    by All India Radio
    Eurydice in Scarlet (feat. Steve Kilbey) Eurydice in Scarlet (feat. Steve Kilbey)
    Oh my god, another brilliant album by Martin Kennedy💪🏽. And what about the vinyl album!
    Really fanrastic! I haven't seen them this beautiful in years.
    All in all....Martin, thank you again and keep it up🙏🏻.
  3. SERBENITY 2020
    by Stefan Erbe
    Walls of Stories Walls of Stories
    My first Stefan Erbe album was Genesys and I think: WOW. My 2nd Stefan Erbe album was Distopia and I think: WOW, WOW. Now my 3rd Stefan Erbe album is Serbenity and I think: WOW, WOW, WOW. I can't stop listening to this masterpiece. Please Stefan, make some more music like Serbenity🙏🏻. I love it.
    Thank you so much!
    by ISON
  5. Terrene (24bit)
    Amalthea (Innerve Edit) - 24bit Amalthea (Innerve Edit) - 24bit
    Wow!!!! What a great album this is. Especially the dark sounds I like most. Thank you guys for having a fantastic trip while listening this album!
  6. Call to Love
    by Badlands
    She's Acting Just Like a Child She's Acting Just Like a Child
    Great music, great voice by Catharina, so a great album!!!!!!! I love it. Actually, there is always good music coming from Sweden💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  7. Age of Androids
    by Sayer
    Emotional Quotient Emotional Quotient
    Woooooow, another great album of 'The man from Texas'. Lovely sequencers en melodies. I also like the vocoder in 'Anthem'. I would say: more vocoders on the next albums.
    And what about the album cover. As always sooooooo beautiful. Thank you Sayer.
  8. Music For Isolation (Suite)
    by 36
    Empathy Burnout Empathy Burnout
    This album makes me sooooooo relaxed.
    Thank you so much Dennis.💪🏽
  9. Calm Before The Storm (Compiled By Argus) (EASEDIV029 - Ease Division)
    by Argus
    Revived Revived
    Nice rippling album for the background.
  10. Tales from the Yellow Kangaroo [24 Bit]
    by GMO vs DENSE
    Bouncing Around [24] Bouncing Around [24]
    Nice, nice, nice album from these guys.
    Still chilling the whole day in my favorite chair.
    Electronic music from Germany is always ok.
  11. Distopia 2022
    by Stefan Erbe
    Solitude Solitude
    My 2nd album by Stefan Erbe. And WHAT an album: FANTASTIC!!!!🙏🏻
    68minutes of enjoying those wonderful melody lines.
    This album will stay in my cd player for months to come💪🏽
    Close your eyes, shut up and enjoy!!!!!!
    Great, great job Stefan👌🏼
  12. Spaceflight
    by Lars Leonhard
    Lenticular Galaxy Lenticular Galaxy
    This album flowes along so nicely.
    Great music to read the newspaper to.
  13. A Single Beam of Light
    by Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba
    Aerial Aerial
    What a fantastic floaty album this is. From the first to the last minute, with my eyes closed, enjoying 'A single beam of light'. And again, and again, and again, and again. I love it. Thanks Alex and Chris.
  14. Connecting on a Deeper Level
    by LAB'S CLOUD
    Connecting on a Deeper Level Connecting on a Deeper Level
    This album is just as delicious as eating tapas in the sun on a Playa with a San Miguel on the side. And wait for the sun to set. I love it. Great album Raul💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  15. mine
    by architect
    hummingbird hummingbird
    What a mysterious album this is. But WOW. Lovely (dark) sounds and great melodies.
    Never heard of Archtict. But I love it.
  16. One (Deluxe Edition)
    by oDDling
    Aurora Aurora
    Soooooooo reeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaxed thiiiiiiiiiissssssss aaaaaaallllbuuuuuuummmmmm.
    Greaeaeaeaeatttttt joooooooob, oooooooDDllliiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg💪🏽
  17. Sail
    by Madis
    Sailor's Sonata Sailor's Sonata
    Unbelievable, what a MASTERPIECE this is. The only thing I want to say to Madis is: 'we want more', 'we want more', 'we want more'.
    I'm already looking forward to your next album.
  18. Beautiful Noise
    by Sunday Records
    Scattered Pieces Scattered Pieces
    Beautiful Noise, beautiful sounds and beautiful songs for a beautiful Sunday.
    Love it
  19. Next Step
    by Johan Tronestam
    2035 (Red ground) 2035 (Red ground)
    A masterpiece!!! Lovely synths, lovely sequencers, lovely melodies.
    Almost 80 minutes enjoying this great album. Thank you Johan🙏🏻
  20. The Slow Light
    by All India Radio
    Time Time
    Thinking 'Utopia 2021' is a great album...but WOW!!!!! 'The Slow Light' is almost better!!!!
    Lovely sounds and voices of Selena and Hollie.
    Listening, listening, listening to the sound of Martin Kennedy👌🏼.