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Fredrick Trafton

  1. Lewisville, Texas
  2. Rock
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  1. Furvent
    by Le Grand Sbam
  2. Vaisseau Monde
    by Le Grand Sbam
  3. Ninth Art
    by The Utopia Strong
  4. Heavy Matter
    by Fren
  5. Where Do You Want Ghosts to Reside
    by Fren
  6. Not all Those Who Wander are Lost
    by Dave Brons
  7. With Form It Threatens Silence
    by Kurt Rongey
  8. Unravel
    by Herd of Instinct
  9. Hip To The Jag
    by Kavus Torabi
  10. Madison Square Garden 1977
    by Steve Hillage
  11. Let It Burn
    by Bill Pohl
  12. The Sentinel
    by Kavus Torabi
  13. Now We Have Power
    by Sanguine Hum
  14. Cataclysm
    by Redshift
  15. Incantation
    by Herd of Instinct
  16. Howling Mad Black Music Under Hot Stars
    by Crocodile
  17. Our Own Sad Fate
    by Thirteen of Everything
  18. The Bean
    by Tidehouse
  19. Mouse
    by Aragon
  20. Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed
    by Shineback