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  1. Gathering The Stones (Acoustic)
    by Fen
    A "purfact" Lockdown track. 2020 was a scrapbook. 2021 doesn't look better.
  2. Pelagic Sampler 2021
    by Pelagic Records
    JeGong - Stable Off JeGong - Stable Off
    Discoverd this between the dirty dozen on this sampler. A track to check out. It's between kraut, postrock & ambient Soundscapes.
  3. Lenten Distance
    by Ghost Lode
  4. Raya
    by Pothamus
  5. Sleep
    by Soul Grip
  6. Invisible White
    by Ancestors
    Epilogue Epilogue
    Dunno it's a compliment or not. But it reminds me 'bout Pink Floyd in it's best years.
  7. In the Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth (A Compilation of Contemporary Post Rock and Metal)
    by Various
  8. Suspended in Reflections
    by Ancestors
    Release Release
    Sit back & Relax, music in it's purity, Fragile & with An unexpected twist.
  9. 2018
    by Mogwai
    We're No Here (Live) We're No Here (Live)
    Got several live recordings of Mogwai
    Also some I made myself during two decades being a Mogwai fan. This release is brilliant. Thx 4 this upload by Rock Action
  10. Compilation For A Cause
  11. The Outskirts Of Reality
    by Yuri Gagarin
    Crystal Dunes Crystal Dunes
    A blind buy on this and I was not dissapointed. Another Space Jam for lonely nights in tha crib during Corona Hysteria. I hear a bit of Neil Young in Crystal Dunes, could be my imaginiation also. Let's play.
    by Mogwai
    Nose Pints Nose Pints
    After watching Zero Zero Zero the music experience even gets better. It's got that gloomy atmosphere, a bit unsettling actually now U see those images of violence that accompany this soundtrack. But when I hear Nose Pints I see those Calabria landscapes and that makes up.

    Plata o Mogwai.
  13. Shores of the Abstract Line
    by HYPNO5E
  14. Alba - Les Ombres Errantes
    by HYPNO5E
    A masterpiece
    No words needed, just play
  15. Chewing Gum
    by Pharaoh Overlord
    A live album by Pharao Overlord. My salvation in this Corona Pandemic Period Crazy Timez. Hope we survive. Take Care & Goodbye
  16. Oracular Tapes #2
    by Ghost Lode
  17. monolog
    by mon0
  18. Exit in Darkness
    by MONO & A.A.Williams
  19. A Distant (Dark) Source
    by HYPNO5E
    A must buy album. Timeless
    Space Rock & Kraut Rock