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  1. DWW
    by Richard Pinhas
  2. Raum
    by Tangerine Dream
  3. Den Rædsomste Nat
    by ILDSKÆR
  4. Promises
    by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra
    by Richard PINHAS
  6. Zess (Le Jour Du Néant)
    by MAGMA
    In gestation since 1979, Zëss is the final chapter of Christian Vander's Kobaïan saga. The apocalypse is heralded with Wagnerian bombast as Magma expands on its number of voices and is joined by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. While some listeners are going to miss Vander's screaming and the guitar solo found on previous live recordings, the restraint lets the hypnotic piece breathe and stand on its own terms as a Magma experience that differs greatly from the classic works.
  7. Retrospektïw 1,2,3 (Remastered + Bonus Track)
    by MAGMA
    Rather than releasing a true-to-life document of their 10th anniversary concerts, Magma threw everything but the kitchen sink into this marvelous amalgam of live recordings and studio overdubs. This means that the sound has a punch that the previous albums could never have. Remastered as one big package rather than separate volumes, Retrospektïw may not be the best Magma album, but it certainly is one of the most powerful testaments to the raw, brutal, yet stunningly beautiful, energy of Zeuhl.
  8. Dream Mixes V - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2020)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    The Dream Mixes series goes out with a bang with the fifth and final volume. A then-recent ex-member of Tangerine Dream, Jerome leaves behind a remix album that cements his legacy among TD-fans: a superb skill at turning old tracks inside-out, making you rediscover them all over again. Just as essential as DM IV.
  9. SOL
    by Bersærk
    "Postapokalyptisk konceptalbum" lyder som noget, der er ca. 40 års postgange for sent. Specielt fra et hedensk heavy-band. Men det virker! Det tunge er tungere, det smukke er smukkere, det onde er ondere, og SOL er Bersærks bedste album til dato.
  10. Interface (Heldon VI)
    by Heldon
    The album cover sets the mood perfectly before you even get to hear the first note. The penultimate Heldon album is a trip into a cyberpunk soundscape dominated by shimmering sequencers, gnarly guitar workouts and funky drums. Still challenging and still fresh.
  11. Stand By (Heldon VII)
    by Heldon
    From the hectic Berlin School sequencers and menacing vocoder chants of Bolero to the proto doom metal onslaught that is the final minutes of the title track, this is an amazing album. Apart from Une drôle de journée, which is a dizzying, effective excursion into Weidorje territory, this is monolithic electronic rock to burn planets to. Get it.
  12. Dream Mixes IV - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2020)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    Not only is DM IV the best instalment in the Dream Mixes series; it's also one of the best Tangerine Dream releases of the 2000s. Nothing is sacred; even Zeit and Cyclone are represented on this exciting collection of remixes, and the pace rarely slows. You'll want to buy this one.
  13. Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition
    by Aubrey Hodges
  14. Doom 64: Official Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition
    by Aubrey Hodges
  15. Dream Mixes III - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2019)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    While Dream Mixes 1 & 2 have their moments, this is where Jerome gets playful and starts digging into the classic part of Tangerine Dream’s back catalogue, mostly from the Schmoelling era. You’ll recognise snippets from Encore, Thief, Logos, White Eagle, Poland, and even the deep cut Silver Scale, but they’re all engineered into new, energetic dance tracks. It works better than you’d think and goes to show just how innovative the original melodies and sequences were.
  16. Dream Mixes II - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2018)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
  17. Dream Mixes I - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2018)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
  18. Come In Roses
    by Clarissa Connelly
    Untrue Untrue
  19. Enkar
    by Al-Namrood
    Halak Halak
    Al-Namrood is risking the death penalty for playing. I don't think you can be more metal than that. The urgency translates well to their music. There isn't a single weak song on this album.
  20. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
    Apotheosis Apotheosis