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  1. Space Muffin "Rusty Edition"
    by Kayleth
    Mountains Mountains
  2. Zorya
    by SUNNATA
    Long gone Long gone
  3. the course of empire
    by Co-Pilot
    breathe together breathe together
  4. ALASKAN // Co-Pilot Split
    by The Treaty Oak Collective
    The Bering Sea The Bering Sea
  5. Sand ≈ Return
    by King Bong
    Marathon des Sables Marathon des Sables
  6. Strawberry Mansion/Twelve Hours
    by X SUNS
    Strawberry Mansion Strawberry Mansion
    No brainer. Purchased III so had to have this too. I am a sucker for 7" vinyl too.
  7. III
    by X SUNS
    Death Perception Death Perception
    First thing this Vinyl Bundle and T-Shirt is a great value. Two Ep/albums on one record. This is one of those purchases I didn't even have to think about. I just did it. Cool shirt. Cool album art and even cooler jams. Even if it is a bit short it is my pick of the month. Check them out.
    by Cloud Catcher
    Beyond The Electric Sun Beyond The Electric Sun
    My review is just buy it. I loved everything that this album brings that I just had to add it to my vinyl collection.
  9. Scent
    by Walking Across Jupiter
    Cube Cube
  10. Las Cadenas del Epitafio (2012)
    by Imbaru
    Apertura a la Niebla Apertura a la Niebla
  11. Estupor
    by Fahrur & Alamo
    Presságio Presságio
  12. Generations
    by Western Skies Motel
    Myriads Myriads
  13. Settlers
    by Western Skies Motel
    Falling Leaves Falling Leaves
    Words cannot describe or express how great this album is. Listening to this is like having been read a story. This take's you places only the imagination dare venture into. This is sure to become a classic. There is no denying that this is a must have. Sure to become one of my all time favorite's. I purchased the CD and found it so delightful that I also purchased the vinyl (1st) pressing before they are gone. It should sound amazing on wax. Don't pass this one up.
  14. Prism
    by Western Skies Motel
    Comfort Me Comfort Me
  15. Jason Lowe
    by Jason Lowe
    Snow on the Cimmarrons Snow on the Cimmarrons
    The only words I have to express the way I feel about this album is just buy it. One of the truly best acoustic albums I have heard in a long time. Can't say no more.
  16. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
    Waiting for the storm Waiting for the storm
    Just amazing Acoustic album from this guy from Brazil. One of the best new acoustic albums I have heard in awhile. Looking forward to his next release. Vinyl release? Hoping someday
  17. Wenn die ersten Blätter fallen
    by walden
    Wenn die ersten Blätter fallen Wenn die ersten Blätter fallen
  18. The Living Dead
    by Dillon Reynolds
    The Living Dead The Living Dead
    This is why I love Acoustic music so much. Dillon's vocal and song writing is in a class of it's own. This is a bit dark and filled with desperation of loss. It has a message for all of us. Oh, and the guitar playing is amazing with a simple style that fits the words. This is an older release but still my pick of the month for Acoustic albums.
  19. In the Valley of Notes
    by Salomon Jakobsson
    Battle of the Brave Frog Battle of the Brave Frog
    If you a fan of Rodrigo y Gabriela you are going to love this album. This young guitar player has a seriously bright future ahead of him. This is some amazing playing with very complex cords and the writing is extremly well done. This is another reason I love Acoustic music so much. Really looking forward to his next release. Don't miss this is your a fan of Acoustic music.
  20. Mitau
    by Audrey Fall
    1944 1944
    This is an extremely powerful instrumental album. They are very talented this whole album is very well written. 1944 is a great track but was not able to put down a favorite. All tracks here deserve there own place. This one will get a lot of replays.
  21. On a deserted path
    by Black Hill & Scott Snee
    Desert eagle Desert eagle
  22. Ballads For The Immortal Watcher
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    Lonesome Walker Lonesome Walker
  23. Acoustic EP
    by JONES
    Wild (acoustic) Wild (acoustic)
    Outstanding vocals and I am a sucker for an Acoustic album, I love when an artist strips it down to the simplicity of acoustics. Brings out the true wonder of the vocals here. This is one of those albums that the more I listen the more admiration I get for the artist and their talents. Her vocal here is nothing short of mesmerizing. A truly wonderful find here on Bandcamp.
  24. Live In France
    by Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Hanuman Hanuman
  25. Bridges of the South
    by Black Hill & Cousin Silas
    Black Hill - South Black Hill - South
  26. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
    Black Hill - Yamuna Black Hill - Yamuna
  27. 9 Dead Alive
    by Rodrigo y Gabriela
    The Soundmaker The Soundmaker
  28. Lost rivers (mini EP)
    by Black Hill
    Salmon Salmon
  29. Black Turns Grey
    by Black Hill & Eensdenkend
    Black Turns Grey Black Turns Grey
  30. Re-quator
    by Silent Island
    Trinidad Trinidad
    Soothing to the ears and the spirits. I put this on with my cans and I can just drift off. Keep it coming guys.
  31. Equator
    by Silent Island
    Harbour Harbour
  32. Exile
    by Moons Eat Stars
    Path to Exile Path to Exile
  33. Unearthing
    by Into Orbit
    Dark Matter Dark Matter
  34. Caverns
    by Into Orbit
    Corridors... Caverns Corridors... Caverns
  35. Drown
    by Kasan
    Hydroman Vs. That Sea Hydroman Vs. That Sea
  36. Fragments from a...
    by Sunken Rocketship
    Echoes of Static Earth Echoes of Static Earth
  37. On Icy Shores
    by Fjord
    As Time Stood Still As Time Stood Still
  38. The Lord Is Gone
    by DECASIA
    The Ancient The Ancient
    This may be only 3 tracks but it is pure fuzz-a-lious. this is my album of the week amd that is saying alot cause there are some heavy hitters in my last 3 albums. This is deep.
  39. ...In The Shadows Below (2016)
    by Year of the Cobra
    The Siege The Siege
  40. The Sunken Djinn (Single)
    by Vokonis
    Olde One (Live at Studio Underjord) Olde One (Live at Studio Underjord)
    These guys are great. I love the single but Olde One live is just amazing and it's even better in high resolution. Great stuff here. Just received the 7" in grey wax with "The Sunken Dijinn" 12" + 7" bundle from Ripple Music. Just outstanding.
  41. Heavy Gravity
    by Rise Above Dead
    The Last Migration The Last Migration
  42. As Above (Demo I)
    by Sea Witch
    The Atlantic The Atlantic
    Discovered these guys on their split with Black Tremor. This is some erie, dark and powerful music. This fits the feel and look of the deep dark sea. These guys are great and can't stop listening to their music. First 30 seconds of the first song I knew I just had to have this and all their other work. Just buy it. What are you waiting for?
  43. So Below (Demo II)
    by Sea Witch
    Dragged Across the Ocean Floor (I) Dragged Across the Ocean Floor (I)
    I love Sea Witch and this is another classic Sea Witch offering. So heavy. I could imagine being on the ocean floor listening to this. Fantastic.
  44. The Blackened Sea
    by Sea Witch
    The Stormrider The Stormrider
    Can't say anymore but just buy it. My favorite of the 3 releases I have. Just wish there was going to be a vinyl release.
  45. Red Giant
    by Barrows
    Nebula Nebula