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  1. Tiny Squares
    by Vanlock
  2. Samhain
    by Aythis
  3. Les Magnifiques
    by François Merlin
  4. Chasms
    by Aufhebung
  5. Paddy's Club
    by Anozel
  6. Last Echoes Of Silence - EP
    by Lethian Dreams
  7. Animal
    by Persona
  8. Attack of the Petscii Robots - The Alternate Soundtrack
    by Anders Enger Jensen
    Level 5: Downtown Level 5: Downtown
  9. Moonfall
    by Robin & the Woods
    Cello Man Cello Man
  10. Exil
    by Hors Sujet
  11. Secrets From Below
    by Aythis
    Faint Butterfly Faint Butterfly
  12. This Quiet Fire
    by Heligoland
    Palomino Palomino
    A long awaited album. And it is a real jewel. Loved it.
  13. Faulty Robots
    by shiru8bit
    Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt
    A great unofficial soundrack for a great retrogame.

    If you like 8-bit chiptunes, this is for you.
  14. Attack of the PETSCII Robots Original Soundtrack
    by Noelle Amelie Aman
    Robot Attack! (C64) Robot Attack! (C64)
    A great soundtrack for a great retrogame. Once again a great work of Noelle Aman after participating to Planet X3 Original Soundtrack in 2019.

    Apple II version is as great as the C64 version.
  15. 0110
    by Cosmic Ground
    sorrows of venus sorrows of venus
    Another great album of Cosmic Ground.
  16. A Shadow Of Memories
    by Lethian Dreams
    Mist Of Memories Mist Of Memories
    [fr]J'ai été agréablement surpris par la sortie de ce nouvel album, 6 ans après le précédent.

    [en]I was pleasantly surprised by the release of this new album, 6 years after the previous one.
  17. Plow
    by Tarmak
    Krampus Krampus
  18. Persona Unplugged
    by Persona
    Esurience Guilefullness Omnipotence Esurience Guilefullness Omnipotence
  19. Live at Thaïs'
    by Dear Pariah
    Tired Tired
  20. Répétition générale
    by Have The Moskovik
    Le goût de l’absolu Le goût de l’absolu