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  1. Piano Is Evil
    by Amanda Palmer
    Do It With a Rockstar Do It With a Rockstar
    I loved the "full" version, but the "naked" one is sometimes better. Great album !
  2. Too Busy Watching Invisible Things
    by Emma Fee
    Siren's Lullaby Siren's Lullaby
    I discovered Emma Fee with her band "Happy Endings". Her solo work is as good as in her band one.
  3. Cosmic Ground Live
    by Cosmic Ground
    cairo grind cairo grind
    Cosmid Ground was great in studio. This band is even better in live :)
  4. The Ravages of Time
    by Selene
    Ashes Ashes
    I followed Selene since their first EP. Every time, it was a good work. This album follow this path.

    Loved it !
  5. Apocryphal Gravity
    by hubris.
    Doom Mons Doom Mons
    [en] A good followup to their first album. If you liked Emersion, you'll like this one ;)

    [fr]Une bonne suite à leur premier album. Si vous aimez Emersion, vous aimerez celui-ci
  6. Such A Sky
    by Josienne Clarke - Kit Downes
    Beyond The Green Beyond The Green
  7. Chascade
    by Itzamna
    Je Vivroie Liement (Ft. Carla Fernandez) Je Vivroie Liement (Ft. Carla Fernandez)
    Du jazz fusion comme je l'aime. Que ce soit avec des influences pop-rock, plus médiévale ou encore carrément metal, c'est de la très bonne !
  8. Memoirs in Monochrome (2017)
    by Ysma
    The Glassblower Pt. I + II The Glassblower Pt. I + II
    [en] To sum up this album? Awesome. Another jewel from Ysma. it was hard to select a favorite track... Well I had to choose. Go and listen to it, you'll like it!

    [fr]Pour résumer cet album ? Impressionnant. Un autre bijou de Ysma. Il était difficile de choisir une piste préférée ... Eh bien, je devais choisir. Écoutez-le, vous l'aimerez!
  9. Thanks to the sun
    by The Orchid
    Hope we'll see Hope we'll see
  10. Seuls les moins humbles en hériteront
    by Hors Sujet
    La mécanique du néant La mécanique du néant
  11. EP1 and 2 Limited Edition CD
    by Orotoro
    Killing the Kaiser Killing the Kaiser
    [en] really good prog rock / metal band... And not far from my home :)


    [fr] un très bon groupe prog rock / metal... Et pas très loin de chez moi :)

    Super !
  12. But my friend you know that I think I love you
    by Rotters Damn
    Night & Day Night & Day
    [en] Do you like folk-rock? Very long album title? Loud voice? So go and listen to this album!

    [fr] Vous aimez le folk-rock ? Les titres d'album à rallong ? Les voix lourdes ? Alors foncez écouter cet album !
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Red Forest
    Extraordinary Nebular Data Extraordinary Nebular Data
    [en] great follow up EP. Too bad it is only available in digital :(

    [fr] excellent EP dans la veine des précédents. Dommage qu'il ne soit disponible qu'en numérique :(
  14. A Seed
    by Cardamohm
    La Embarcación La Embarcación
  15. Together Alone
    by Marion Mayer
    Fade Fade
    by Akoma
  17. II
    by LA JUNGLE
    Technically You're Dead Technically You're Dead
    [en] A simply successful sophomore album. In some parts, even better than their first album!

    [fr] Simplement un deuxième album réussi. Par endroit, il est même meilleur que le premier album !
  18. Your Absence
    by Wolves and Horses
    The Wind Whispers All My Darkest Secrets The Wind Whispers All My Darkest Secrets
    How to sum it? It is hard. Well, it is a jewel. I fell in love with it after the first half of the first track.

    A real pleasure. Listen to it, you'll love it :)
  19. Samen
    by öOoOoOoOoOo
    Purple Tastes Like White Purple Tastes Like White
    Comment définir cet album qui est par conception indéfinissable.

    C'est simplement très bon, éclectique.

    Un vrai plaisir pour les oreilles initiées :)
  20. OvO
    by Yaima
    It's Written In The Wind It's Written In The Wind
    How to define it? Take some world music, add some electronic instruments, a great female voice, some folk guitars. Shake it carefully and pour in your ears.

    This is a great album, helping you feel good for the rest of the day. A pure musical jewel. What are you waiting for? :)

    You're in love with Dead Can Dance ? Again, what are you waiting for?
  21. Markit Zero
    by Markit Zero
    L'ouverture du LFO L'ouverture du LFO
    appears in 1 other collection
  22. The Line
    by Mobius
    A Mazing World A Mazing World
    En : Another symphonic metal jewel. Need to say more ? :)

    Fr : Un autre bijou de metal symphonique. Besoin d'en rajouter ?
  23. The Island
    by Kylver
    Monolith Monolith
    After "The Ghost Mountain", I was wondering if it will be possible to do another musical jewel...

    The answer is yes. It was hard to choose a track... Too hard indeed.
  24. Deadwood
    by Cyclocosmia
    Little Girl Lost Little Girl Lost
    Metal ? Checked
    Growl ? Checked.
    Clear woman voice ? Checked.

    Pleasure ? Checked :)
  25. Cosmic Ground III
    by Cosmic Ground
    Crumbling Darkness Crumbling Darkness
    Hipnotic music, as usual. Take just a cup of tea, ans listen to this album.

    Pure bliss! Can't wait to get it in my hands ;)
  26. Selene: Music for Contemporary Dance
    by Lucy Claire
    Only two tracks, but they're great. Once again Lucy Claire and her "friends" are giving us music that help you feeling better.
  27. Memento Mori
    by Aephanemer
    Sisyphus' Bliss Sisyphus' Bliss
    Attention chef d'oeuvre. Un des meilleurs albums de death metal mélodique de l'année 2016.

    Il sera difficile de faire mieux.
  28. Never Two Without Three
    by Horst
    There Will Be Votes There Will Be Votes
  29. Blight
    by Death of a Dryad
    Melancholy Were the Sounds on a Winter's Night Melancholy Were the Sounds on a Winter's Night
    Two great covers - Joy Division is a source of great covers either with "Dead Souls" or "New Dawn Fades" - and a new title.

    I've known Simon and Garfunkel version of "Scarborough Fair", but this one is really good too.

    Yummy :)
  30. Nizhâm
    by Dayazell
    Ah Nice Bir Uyursun Ah Nice Bir Uyursun
    Once again Dayazell is providing us a masterpiece. It was hard to choose a favorite track :(
  31. Elfika
    by Elfika
    Dark Rider Dark Rider
  32. Event Horizon
    by Beyond The Event Horizon
    Event Horizon Event Horizon
    Found this band looking at Defying youtube channel.

    Listened to the album, and "fall in love with it" instantly :)

    Really good instrumental post-rock.
    by LA JUNGLE
    Apeinapython Apeinapython
  34. The Splinter of Light We Misread
    by Defying
    Irreversible Irreversible
    Defying shows us how to write dark and good progressive metal.

    It is hard to release a second album as good as the first one. But Defying made it. And in a great way.
  35. One Big Sky
    by Celestial Teapot
    Intrigue Intrigue
    A little jewel if you like instrumental progressive rock. Great tracks, great guest...

    Need to say anything else? Well, what about a new album? :)
  36. A Place to Dream
    by Syncatto
    Dream Sequence I (Exposition) Dream Sequence I (Exposition)
    Great sophomore album from Syncatto. It was hard to choose a track :)

    Simply loved it !
  37. Bunraku Warrior
    by Ghost Marrow
    Like Water Like Water
    A long awaited sophomore album, after her great "untitled" first album.

    As good as the first one, and even better on some tracks.
  38. la brume électrique
    by La Brume Electrique
    dans la brume électrique dans la brume électrique
    [en] Do you love light instrumental post-rock with typical 1970s atmosphere? Then this album is for you. A pure bliss :)

    [fr] Vous aimez le post-rock instrumental léger avec des ambiances typiquement années 1970 ? Alors cet album est pour vous. Un pur bonheur :)
  39. Emersion - Full album
    by Hubris.
    Gold Drizzle Gold Drizzle
    Great post-rock album. It was hard to choose my favorite track!
  40. Lighthouse
    by iamthemorning
    Sleeping Pills Sleeping Pills
    How to sum it? What a blast! It is really one the best not only instrumental prog rock album I've heard this year.

    Since their first album, iamthemorning is getting better and better.

    I choose one track by default, but they're all good.

    Why choosing, anyway? :)
  41. St. Paul Sessions
    by The Novel Ideas
    I Was Not Around I Was Not Around
    Four years after their last LP, The Novel Ideas are coming back with a little and powerful EP.

    Even if I find it more sad than the LP, it is a good EP. Just give it a chance, you won't be disappointed.
  42. Tripalium
    by Grand Détour
    Révolte en solde Révolte en solde
    [en] "Good old" instrumental postrock album as I like it. Again a french band. Is France "the" country of postrock bands? :)

    [fr] Un "bon vieil" album de postrock instrumental comme je les aime. Encore un groupe français. La France serait-elle le pays des groupes de postrock ? :)
  43. Terrain Blanc
    by Corbeaux
    Terrain blanc (part 1) Terrain blanc (part 1)
    Premier album des Corbeaux, bien plus léger et pourtant tout aussi bon que leur deuxième opus.

    À écouter !
  44. Collaborations No. 2
    by Lucy Claire
    Her Bir Çocuk / Every Single Child ft. Alev Lenz Her Bir Çocuk / Every Single Child ft. Alev Lenz
    Another jewel from Lucy Claire and her friends.

    Simply one the best neoclassical EP I've heard.
  45. Hanté
    by Errantia
    Panem & Circenses Panem & Circenses
    [en] Haunted metal is an interesting concept. Dark melodies, ghostly female voice, singing in spanish and in french. Refreshing !

    [fr]Le metal hanté est un concept intéressant. Mélodies sombres, voix féminine fantomatique, chantant en espagnol et en français. Rafraîchissant !