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  1. Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise
    by The Game Brass
  2. Devouring Stars - Original Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike
  3. Frog Fractions 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Various Artists
  4. West of Loathing: Reckonin' at Gun Manor (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Ryan Ike
  5. West of Loathing (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Ryan Ike
  6. Moonlighter
    by David Fenn
  7. WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack)
    by Dale North
  8. Streets of Rage 4
    by Olivier Deriviere
  9. Music from USNF: US Navy Fighters
    by The Fat Man and Team Fat
  10. Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed
    by Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos
  11. Them's Fightin' Herds (The Best Of)
    by Stuart Ferguson & Whitetail
  12. Visions of the Three
    by Apebit
  13. Gunpoint - The Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Robert Matz
  14. Atlantis II
    by Pierre Estève
  15. Black Moon Chronicles
    by Pierre Estève
  16. Atlantis: The Lost Tales
    by Pierre Estève & Stéphane Picq
  17. Video Game Synth Covers, Vol. 1
    by Mono Memory
  18. Volume 2
    by Mono Memory
  19. MazeQuest 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Mazedude
  20. MazeQuest 3 Original Soundtrack (Composer's Cut)
    by Mazedude