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  1. Closed To The Light EP
    by Final Coil
    Closed to the light Closed to the light
    Just listen to my favorite track - great atmosphere, I dig it. That's the starting point of no return: I want more - so I got the EP. Simple :D

    Much success to you guys, looking forward for more \m/

    ~ Michael
  2. Garden of Whatever (2012)
    by Clatter
    Tree of Secrets Tree of Secrets
    Loved it from the first growl of her Rickenbacker :D

    Seriously, the first song is one of the very few of all in the world that I consider as perfect, in my ears.

    I watched the music video, and both of the duo appeared to be natural; no acting. Impressive. This combined with the sound, the arrangement, the drums, the voice - this all together made me curious to risk a peek at the album.

    And it was worth it. I press play, enjoy, drift away in day-dreams.

    In other words: \m/
    ~ Michael
  3. Oxidizer
    by Oxidizer
    Nuclear Family Nuclear Family
    I don't just like it, I dig it :D
    It's like a time travel - by means of style and atmo. It really works.

    Don't know the lyrics, though - hope I don't misunderstand too much :D

    Hope there's more to come, guys, keep it loud! \m/
    ~ Michael
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  4. The Butterfly Effect
    by Minus Cube
    Disintegration Disintegration
    The whole album is superb. Don't know any other band with that atmo and sound. Maybe, parts of Disintegration, by means of vocals and grindy guitars, reminded me of JudasPriest's Jugulator album. But then again, the songs takes different turns - and it's clearly, unmisunderstandably, purely: Minus Cube.

    It's rather unique - and it's my cup of tea. Even more, since the songs have a meaning.

    With great respect for your music: Stay true and keep it burning! \m/

    ~ Michael
  5. J.A.R.S. - Songs of Warriors
    by J.A.R.S.
    Visions Visions
    Incredibly enjoyable to listen. Great arrangement, greatly played. I got caught, immediately.

    Cheers and greetz! \m/
    ~ Michael