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Fraser Stewart

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  1. Legacies LP
    by Stonethrower
  2. All Nighter
    by laeto
  3. A Fondness For Chaos EP.
    by Leo Fox
  4. The Dreary Heather Club
    by Scotland in the 80s
  5. ...In Potential LP
    by Please, Believe!
  6. To Live in the Flicker
    by Half Formed Things
  7. What World Was Still? LP
    by Kaddish
  8. Moonlight
    by Iain Macaulay
  9. About Tomorrow's Mileage
    by Traindodge
  10. On A Lake Of Dead Trees +2
    by Traindodge
  11. The Truth
    by Traindodge
  12. Supernatural Disasters
    by Traindodge
  13. Wolves
    by Traindodge
  14. What World Was Still? LP
    by Kaddish
  15. Time Will Never Know Your Name
    by Traindodge
  16. Remains
    by Traindodge
  17. 'Action Hero' recorded by Steve Albini
    by Spare Snare
  18. I Am Forever
    by Traindodge
    Stop And Stare Stop And Stare
    This record is a fine demonstration on how to do rock music correctly.
  19. Wild Life 7"
    by Anxiety
  20. ...In Potential LP
    by Please, Believe!