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  1. You Find It Easy
    by Ditte Elly
    A truly honest and beautiful song. First heard as a demo 3 months ago and have been entranced ever since. Thank you, Ditte!
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  2. Almora Sunrise
    by Ariel Kalma
  3. The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Remastered)
    by T.Power
    Circle Circle
    Original jungle at its best. Recommended.
  4. Idjut Boy's Late Brain Version
    by Paqua
    'Balearic House' is a difficult genre to get right, but Idjut Boy's remix is spot on. Another cracker from Claremont 56!
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  5. Kutiman - Thru Krakow (Digital Download)
    by Kutiman
  6. Kutiman - Space Cassava (Digital/Limited Vinyl)
    by Kutiman
    Space Cassava Space Cassava
    This just goes and goes. Cosmic afro like never before. Be Warned: this sh*t is grooooooovy...
  7. Je - Ka - Lo!
    by Umoja
    Ghana Hima Ghana Hima
    This is probably my favourite EP of the last few years. It's a multi-cultural journey with an incredible propensity to get you moving - what more could you want?!
  8. Ebsuku
    by Samthing Soweto
    This is for the fans This is for the fans
    With such ease and control, Samthing manoeuvres between Flying Lotus and Fleet Foxes, creating soulful music with soaring harmonies. A masterpiece.
  9. Machweo - Tramonto
    by Bad Panda
    And out of nowhere, we enter a trance rave. For sheer ingenuity, and Machweo's ability to transcend genres with such ease, this is worth a download!
  10. Slow to Love
    by Doe Paoro
    Intro Intro
  11. Girlfriend
    by We Are Trees
    Teenage Heartbreak Teenage Heartbreak
  12. Overseas
    by Tonstartssbandht
    Alright Medley Alright Medley
    This album is weird, but brilliant.
  13. Half Age EP
    by Weval
    Out Of The Game Out Of The Game
    This is cinematic techno at its best - seamless layers, punching kick drums and a huge amount of emotion. The soundtrack of my dreams
  14. Paxton Fettel : A Night in Torquay E.P
    by Paxton Fettel
    Jets Jets
  15. Paxton Fettel : Not bad for a Tenner E.P
    by Paxton Fettel
    Permafunk Permafunk
    Those drums....
  16. One Last Bite
    by Guiddo
  17. Prime Minister (Captain Planet Remix)
    by London Afrobeat Collective
  18. Sittin' On A Bomb
    The Cast The Cast
    I listened to this everyday before my final university exams. The band is so tight and their compositions build on what Fela and Ebo did so well. What's more, they're a bunch of great guys - Please please please support this album!!