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  1. Zombie
    by El Goodo
  2. Unbecoming
    by Eli Winter
  3. Who You Calling Slow?
    by Sheltered Workshop Singers
  4. Last Pagan Rites. From the Yotvingian Stone
    by Bronius Kutavičius
  5. Saudade
    by Juni Ata
  6. Momento
    by Dave Milligan
  7. Political Songs
    by styrofoam
  8. World Inverted
    by maarja nuut
  9. Family Dollar
    by Nelson Kempf
  10. Hibiscus
    by J. Zunz
  11. Krater's Call
    by Rhyton
  12. Hirsch and the Minglers Live at The Colony, Tulsa. March 17, 2018
    by Scott Hirsch
  13. Tradition Disc In Dub - Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner
    by nat birchall
  14. Zapatilla
    by Zapatilla
  15. Hjaltalín
    by Hjaltalín
  16. Dave Miller
    by Dave Miller
  17. Out Of Season
    by Ivan The Tolerable
  18. Colourfield
    by Dan Michaelson
  19. Erotic Winds
    by Joe McPhee, John Heward & Joe Giardullo
  20. Farewell Tonic