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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Frankly Lost is a solo acoustic project that was born out of loss, adventure, curiosity, and pain. Following in the traditions of American Folk music, the works of Frankly Lost are musically and lyrically simple, charged with emotions, and inspired by more punk-y acts such as Erik Petersen and Frank Turner whilst chronicling the intrigues of the artist's daily life and wide-wandering travels.
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  1. Tabrador Retriever and Other Dog Puns
    by Princess, The Boys
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    The William Well V: Guys, Burgers, Fries The William Well V: Guys, Burgers, Fries
    - I had the privilege of playing a few shows with Princess, The Boys before this album came out so I got to hear some of these tunes live and really liked them. Now with the album's release the contrast of humorous/emotive lyrics, swirling guitar lines, and varied energy levels have taken on a full-bodied sound. The genre of TRaODP is a bit difficult to pin down, but that suits it nicely. Give it a listen and see where it takes you.
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  2. Sun Burns
    by Some Birds
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    Tufted Titmouse Tufted Titmouse
    - FINALLY! I have been so stoked for this album for a long damn time. The songs on Sun Burns have the beautifully musical quality of seeming like they *had* to be written, and Some Birds brings them to life with expertly captured emotion. There's bottled lightning on this album and it pulls you in with raw vocals, bouncing basslines, energetic drums, and a whirlwind of fiddly guitar blasts. It is quite seriously an album I will listen to over and over and over. 10/10
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  3. Built to Wander (The Gypsy Sessions)
    by Jake Brooker
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    Growing Pains Growing Pains
    - Imagine that you've found yourself wandering through a pint-soaked evening meandering from pub to pub, and you eventually find yourself in a caravan drinking ale out of a wooden cup. You look left and you see Bob Dylan. Look right and see Tom Waits. Across the table you might find Jake Brooker. And in the morning when you woke up with a headache: you'd probably have this album in your pocket. Jake is a noble, earnest, and honest guy and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.
  4. This City Isn't Big Enough
    by Apes of the State
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    Plate Glass Apology Plate Glass Apology
    - This album has EVERYTHING: post-addiction introspection, the scorn of the heartbroken, and a rippin' bouncy mandolin. Apes of the State wrap the album up in a cloak of warm engaging musicality and then shoot it through with a railroad spike of raw smoky vocals that will push your feelings around. Get angry, be hurt, smile a lot, and definitely shout along with your stereo. It'll probably get stuck in your head.
  5. Idiots & Lunatics
    by Asa Martin
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    Idiots and Lunatics Idiots and Lunatics
    - With earnest lyrics and a musical leash that constantly tugs you along, Asa Martin immediately made this an album I wanted to listen to a second time. Blasts of high energy end up tempered by soft sincerity, and the final result is great. Get it.
  6. What A Piece Of Work Is Man
    by LocalNewsLegend
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    My Name Is Emily My Name Is Emily
    - Local News Legend has a sweet and haunting vocal quality anchored by strong chord fundamentals. Her songwriting is straightforward in that it seems to say things we find ourselves thinking, yet still manages to feel fresh. You should spend money on this album and enjoy the short but potent shots of music it contains. It's honest.
  7. Little Worlds Split EP
    by The Worst Generation, Frankly Lost
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    On Self Worth and The Olympics / Chords I Stole From A Mountain Goats Song On Self Worth and The Olympics / Chords I Stole From A Mountain Goats Song
    - You might think me odd for supporting an album that I worked on, but I wanted the chance to comment on The Worst Generation's page here and tell you he's a swell dude making heartfelt tunes and you should give him and his music your love. (And if you want to show love to this split, that would be rad too.)
  8. Solid Fucking Effort EP
    by Some Birds
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    Snowdrifts Snowdrifts
    - Some Birds are a high energy musical rocket that blends lots of post-something styles together and results in tunes that don't quite fit a genre. This EP, thought short, captures a good sample of the range their songs spread across. Come for the fun, stay for the emotionally probing lyrics and enjoyably strange guitar riffs. I seriously love this band.
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  9. Sluggah
    by Jonny Bear
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    Total Protonic Reversal Total Protonic Reversal
    - I seriously love this guy and the music he puts out. His work has a raw Jeff Rosenstock style to it that's fearless and full of energy. Give it a listen for sure, and see if it's your sorta thing.
  10. Folk The Border
    by No Mans Records
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    Circle 'Em Circle 'Em
    - A bunch of noble artists/activists/musicians turning the power of music into a weapon in a fight worth fighting. I'm proud to be on it, and consider myself lucky that I to get to stand up for a good cause next to a bunch of good people.