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  1. Devouring Ruin
    by WAKE
  2. Confluence
    by WAKE
  3. Pleine Noirceur
    by Fuck The Facts
  4. Enraged & Unbound
    by Unfathomable Ruination
  5. Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins
    by Baring Teeth
  6. The Sanguinary Impetus
    by Defeated Sanity
  7. No One Knows What The Dead Think
    by No One Knows What The Dead Think
  8. Harm Remissions
    by Fawn Limbs
  9. Sleeper Vessels
    by Fawn Limbs
  10. Cursed Seeds (Dissonant Death Metal)
  11. Appendix C
    by Aosoth
  12. Endless Detainment
    by Serpent Column
  13. I'm Losing Myself
    by An Isolated Mind
  14. Self Titled
    by An Isolated Mind
  15. A long, eternal fall.
    by COMITY
  16. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
  17. Ornuthi Thalassa
    by Serpent Column
  18. approximation_of_a_human
    by .gif from god
  19. Atmospheres Of Desolation
  20. Urraca
    by Sunless