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  1. Malaleche EP
    by MalaLeche
    Bestias Indomables Bestias Indomables
    Interesante concepto con el que lanzan este EP, bastante solido, espero verlos en vivo alguna vez.
  2. MEGA×5 ~ Ⅴᵗʰ Anniversary
    by RQ
  3. Meat Machine EP
    by JQ
  4. sorry, i like you
    by danielburbank
  5. solitude.
    by jinsang
    regret regret
    Beautiful Album, Masterpiece !
  6. Stone In Focus
    by Benoît Pioulard
  7. remedy
    by jhfly
    safe safe
    from another world, Lovely Album <3
  8. tyttö ep
    by tomppabeats
    like someone in love like someone in love
    I'm in love <3
  9. more sounds
    by jhfly
    leaves leaves
    lovely album
  10. Endpoint EP
    by KURORAK
    rogue_data rogue_data
    Very fun album, good tracks and the artwork is lovely, I really enjoy this one.
  11. Let This Go
    by Stan SB
    One of their best tracks and the lyrics are amazing
  12. 2YR, 40:28.649
    by Halley Labs Associates
  13. Blank Banshee 1
    by Blank Banshee
    Metamaterial Metamaterial
  15. D.O.S. (Deadly Operating System)
    by Azrael-II
    Octabrain (feat. RQ) Octabrain (feat. RQ)
  16. Summer Lovin' (2005 - 2009)
    by Culprate
    Glimpse Glimpse
    Awesome album!! B-side of Culprate...
    Masterpiece album
  18. Fire Planet EP
    by Jackal Queenston
    Flutter Flutter
  19. +Add Me
    by Blood Code + Graz
    This Could Be Love This Could Be Love
    I got the Cassette version, and the sound and design is very nice, both artists are amazing... very fun to listen to.
  20. Badminton
    by Venetian Snares
    Edgewood Park Edgewood Park
  21. Moonglow
    by Venetian Snares
    This Bitter Earth This Bitter Earth
  22. Recharge
    by Rchetype
    Pierce The Heavens Pierce The Heavens
    Love <3
  23. Midwich / Toluca
    by Jackal Queenston
    Toluca Toluca
    Jackal's the best alias
  24. 地獄
    by Aurastys
    Hellevator Hellevator
    The best dark ambient Aurastys <3
  25. Warrior Sound
    by Bong-Ra
    Vampire Youth Vampire Youth
  26. Kid Lib - Land Of The Lost Dubs 2006-2011
    by Kid Lib
    Kid Lib - Sweet Love (Original Mix) Kid Lib - Sweet Love (Original Mix)
  27. Reset EP
    by Rchetype
    Speakeasy Speakeasy
    The best EP ever <3
  28. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
    Dorma Dorma
    After all this time of waiting for the album, it is an excellent album and one of my favorites
  29. Figurehead
    by The Queenstons
    Quiet Man Quiet Man
  30. i can't wait to be sad and alone on the edge of the universe
    by hyi
    s.s.s.s. s.s.s.s.
  31. Kid Lib - Celestial Mechanics
    by Kid Lib
    by Darius
    D/1993 F2 D/1993 F2
  33. Clearance Bin
    by Snares Man!
    Clearance Bin Clearance Bin
  34. Silence II
    by Aurastys
    Roscid Steel Roscid Steel
    Great dark atmosphere, Absolutely the album takes you to another world created by an inexplicable creature