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  1. Demo
    by Mountain High
  2. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
    Spires Burn Spires Burn
  3. March The Desert
    by March The Desert
    Mizar Mizar
    Well, that's just a really really good album. Really i mean it.
  4. Searching/Let Go 7"
    by Tombstoned
    Searching Searching
    I still have echoes of the first listen in my ears.
    Great relaxed retro stoner/doom.
  5. TROG
    by TROG
    trog trog
    Really heavy and compact sound from a promising band. Reminds me of Sunn o))) walls of sound, mixed with classic stoner/doom feeling. The guitar is so saturated that it sometimes feel like it's a 8bit guitar. The first retro geek stoner band ? Hope to see this album appearing in other collections.
  6. Moon Curse
    by Moon Curse
    Northern High Northern High
    This album has just the perfect balance between 70´s doom, modern stoner rock and a little something of psychedelics. Album artworks are simply beautiful.
  7. The Color Out Of Space EP
    by From Beyond
    The Color Out Of Space The Color Out Of Space
    The doom that came to my ears ! A killer album with an amazing groove, a 70's feel, and above all, references to the great Lovecraft. Have the feeling that you guys might become a well known band. Keep going. Can't wait to receive my glow in the dark LP !
  8. SWAMP
    by Coat
    Abstracts Abstracts
    Great growled sludgy stoner/doom. Just love the groove, the energy and the thickness of the sound.
  9. Book Of Grief
    by Iron Heel
    Book Of Grief Book Of Grief
    Loved it at the first riff. Remind's me of some old Black Sabbath's songs, just like many stoner/doom bands. And this is why we love stoner/doom : always hear something like an old tune, but always different. Iron Heel does this job very, very, very well.
  10. Doom for the Black Sun
    by Major Kong
    The Swamp Altar The Swamp Altar
    It's fun, it's groovy, has a good feel, and it's a good trip. Simple but so efficient.
  11. MARS RED SKY (debut album)
    Strong Reflection Strong Reflection
    Great first album, full of atmospheric fuzz and earth craking groove. Nice atmospheric vocals too. Loved at the first hear.
  12. Doublestone
    by Doublestone
    Your Mother Said Your Mother Said
    You guys just rocks !!!!
  13. Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual)
    Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual) Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual)
    A great song, a great journey into space and other dimensions, full of psychedelics colours. Your fuzzy psychedelics made my head bangs.
    Keep going.
  14. Emerald Liquid Odyssey
    by Thumlock
    Zygocact Zygocact
    Was looking for this album for years. This is one of my first stoner album, and one of my favourite. Just want to drive straight on an old Mustang on a long long desertic road. Or simply at home. A,yway, a must-listen album.