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François Clavel

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    by EL MIZAN
  2. Tombak
    by Pezhham Akhavass
  3. Villa Bunterhund
    by Molotow Brass Orkestar
  4. Gankinos
    by Free Balkan Quintet
  5. Live at Kafana Balkan
    by Ismail Lumanovski & Inspector Gadje
  6. Traders of the Lost Arts
    by Alex Hand Band
  7. Sair a voar
    by Chotokoeu
  8. Turbolence
    by Brazzmatazz
  9. Potion
    by Nova Fliegt Zum Mond
  10. The Rest of Now
    by Koby Israelite
  11. Kata
    by Cana flamenca
  12. Sababou
    by Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly
  13. Hjaltaren
    by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  14. Da Scallowa Lasses / Lorna´s Reel
    by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  15. Deliverance (Befrielsen)
    by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  16. Car Naît de Voyages
  17. Carnaval de Brousse
  18. Paths From Home
    by Inward Oceans
  19. Weather The Storm
    by Inward Oceans
  20. Animal Bazaar
    by L'Chaim