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  1. The Canterbury Tales
    by Chaucerian Myth
    General Prologue General Prologue
  2. Panacea
    by Panacea
    Shimmer Shimmer
  3. The minstrel's fireplace tales
    by Medhelan
    The age of wizards The age of wizards
  4. Marginalia
    by Marginalia
    I Haue A Yong Suster I Haue A Yong Suster
  5. Quick Sparrows Over the Black Earth
    by Laura Cannell
    The Drowned Sacristan The Drowned Sacristan
  6. Eternal Saga
    by Antti Martikainen
    At the Journey's End At the Journey's End
  7. A Priori
    by Jozef van Wissem
    How the Soul Has Arrived At Understanding of Her Nothingness How the Soul Has Arrived At Understanding of Her Nothingness
  8. The Changeling
    by Merrigan
    Song of Seven Sorrows Song of Seven Sorrows
    Merrigan's voice can lead you to another world, a world full of serenity, love and also mistery. Can't wait to get more from her magic.
    Thank you for making this world a little more beautiful
  9. Ансамбль средневековой музыки «Schellen» - Музыка XIII века / Music of the XIII century (SKMR-114)
    by Ансамбль средневековой музыки «Schellen»
    Loibere Risen Loibere Risen