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  1. Sometimes
    by Goldmund
  2. Unleft
    by Helios
    The Evening Walk The Evening Walk
    I favour more songs: Carry With Us, South Tree, Bounce Dive, Cross the Ocean and Distance.
  3. Yume
    by Helios
    Skies Minus Skies Minus
    Skies Minus is my favourite. It feels full of love and so transparent, ending in some kind of redemption. But tracks like Ballard, Every Passing Hour, The Root (soothing), Sing The Same Song Twice (I like the guitar in here) I play often. In Sonora Lac I imagine little animals shuffling on the the shore or something like that.
  4. Eingya
    by Helios
    First Dream Called Ocean First Dream Called Ocean
    A very spherical album, nice and quiet.
    First Dream Called Ocean makes me feel comfortable and home in myself.
  5. Caesura
    by Helios
    Hope Valley Hill Hope Valley Hill
    There's a couple of tracks that are dear to me, like Hope Valley Hill. But also Come With Nothings, Glimpse and Hollie. The sound of the leading melodies are so full of clarity and warmth. Can't figure out how it is created. But I love it.
  6. Unomia
    by Helios
  7. Moiety
    by Helios
    Nothing It can Nothing It can
    To me this is a friendly album. Like many of his compositions the melody flows over a bed filled with blankets without getting overheated. In this track it all comes perfectly together in my ears. But I also like Bold Advances, Equal Ourselves and Ideals or Hopes.
  8. Land Father
    by Helios
  9. Isostacy
    by Helios
  10. Facing West
    by Helios
  11. All You Are
    by Helios
  12. Awe
    by Helios
  13. Vainglory
    by Helios