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  2. Punk
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  1. The Regrets / Mistakes EP
    by Trivial Dispute
  2. Lost: Season One
    by CAMP COPE
  3. Stall
    by Jon Creeden & the Flying Hellfish
  4. Looseleaf
    by Sinai Vessel
  5. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
  6. Never Better
    by The Burnt Tapes
    buy this record if you listen to bands like iron chic, kid you not, elway, banner pilot or sauboy. ok maybe not sauboy.
  7. Muss Man Nicht Kennen
    by Sauboy
  8. Reservoir
    by Olde Pine
  9. Have A Bad Day
    by Olde Pine
  10. The Steve French EP
    by Olde Pine
  11. Worth
    by Living Room
  12. Yuzi
    by The Burnt Tapes
    dear sirs. is it ok, if i steal some of the lyrics and melodies of this song? i'll make it discreet.
  13. Don't Let This Be You
    by Family Cat
  14. Almost Home
    by Kid You Not
  15. Never A Dull Movement
    by Kid You Not
  16. Moonchaser
    by Living Room
  17. La Reine d'Alcool
  18. Broken Homes
    by My Iron Lung
  19. The Run Up
    by The Run Up
  20. ..Till Now
    by LETDOWN
  21. Dealing With Depression.
    by Family Cat
  22. Artistic Ghost
    by Erudite Stoner
  23. Good Friends, Bad Luck
    by The Run Up
  24. Love Against Capture
    by Heavy Heart
  25. This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me
    by Lost Years
  26. Monsters Begetting Monsters
    by Thousand Oaks
  27. Skylight
    by Pinegrove
  28. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
  29. Dragged Through The Years
    by Aspiga
  30. Giant Steps
    by One Hidden Frame
  31. Challenger EP
    by When Thieves Are About
  32. Senescence
    by When Thieves Are About
  33. EP
    by Adult Magic
  34. Optimierte Lifestyle Experience
    by Sauboy
  35. Sawdust City
    by Arms Aloft
  36. Shrug Dealer
    by Shrug Dealer
  37. COMP
    by Heart to Gold
  38. I've been a Ghost
    by Casuist
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. Discography
    by Get Bent
  40. Giant Sings The Blues
    by Spanish Love Songs
  41. Toy Soldier
    by The Menzingers
  42. The Dream Is Over
    by PUP
  43. White Windowless Vans
    by One Armed Joey
  44. Permanent Rainbow
    by Nervus
  45. Good Night Memories
    by Quitters