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  1. The Age of Men is Over
    by Feminazgul
  2. Mastermind
    by Tardigrade Inferno
    We Are Number One We Are Number One
    Found their cover of "We're number one" on YT by accident - couldn't help but buying the album. Great songs, put's you in a good mood.
    Weird, quirky, theatrical, heavy - highly recommended!
  3. Kompendium Historia de Revolution
    by Ritualia Hominis
  4. The Golden Compass
    by Dust Seeker
  5. Regal Hymns of Blood
    by Barak Tor
  6. March of The Triumphator
    by Barak Tor
  7. Riders Beyond The Sunrise (Single)
    by Barak Tor
  8. The Sons of Fëanor
    by Dwarrowdelf
  9. Seas Of Oblivion
    by Nydvind
  10. Nature Stays Silent
    by Cân Bardd
  11. Uthuling Hyl
  12. Voyage Into Eternity
    by Valhalore
  13. Ruins and Reverence
    by Oldenhelm
  14. Three Golden Dreams and a Silver Key (Single)
    by Trogool
  15. Our Dreams are made of Dragons
    by Erang
  16. Harmony's Bastion
    by Akyrviron
  17. The Black Citadel of Bellthor (Bonus Artifacts)
    by Barak Tor
  18. Zwischen den Jahren (2015)
    by Festung Nebelburg
    The disk "Zwischen den Jahren" is an awesome concept album about the alpine traditions of the Twelfth Night and the dark time, when one year ends and the new one starts.
    I can't remember how often I already played the album. I love the melodies, the tight concept, the artwork, the lyrics, go and buy it!
  19. Landscape of Ice
    by Skognatt
  20. Tales From The Southern Realm
    by Various
  21. Our lives out of balance
    by Außerwelt
  22. Ruinen
    by Hjel
  23. Wrath Of Fenrir
    by Wrath Of Fenrir
  24. In the Mists Before the Beginning
    by Trogool
  25. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
  26. Primordial
    by Paleowolf
  27. Ofnir
    by Heilung
  28. Where Fate Lies Unbound
    by Warseid
  29. Warrior
    by Anilah
  30. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
  31. Steadfast
  32. "...Of Conquest"
    by Scythia
  33. Music Of Mother Nature
    by Kashmar
  34. Prosperous Visions
    by Primalfrost
  35. Blütenstaub und Weidenharz
    by Withania
  36. Heimkehr
    by Alphayn
  37. Nine Treasures
    by Nine Treasures
  38. The Dark Realms
    by The Ragnarok Prophecy
  39. The Path of Passage
    by The Ragnarok Prophecy
  40. Gedanken aus dem Grab
    by Hjel
  41. Axes High
    by Tsargrad
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Vys
    by Trobar
  43. Prinnit Mittilagart
    by Wulfshon
  44. Another World Another Time
    by Erang
  45. power
    by Nekrogoblikon