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  1. We Have Amnesia Sometimes
    by Yo La Tengo
  2. Ocean Park
    by Danny Clay
    Ocean Park II Ocean Park II
    Danny Clay is at times tough to classify- but no matter how he is working- be it a Chamber Piece for Baroque Ensemble, Glitched-out electronics ( two of his releases are made from gameboy with tapedeck!) he never lets us down. Ocean Park, in its new life here, is a masterpiece. am/tm/ss
  3. Through A Vulnerable Occur
    by Seabuckthorn
    Through A Vulnerable Occur (feat. Gareth Davis) Through A Vulnerable Occur (feat. Gareth Davis)
    Andy Catrwright makes music that is inbetween times drone, other times virtuostic - some of the deepest listening available. Gorgeous, haunted, full of texture and soul-depth. ss/tm/am
  4. sketchbook (2012)
    by Danny Clay
    9.15.2012 (broken bird) - with Natalie Draper 9.15.2012 (broken bird) - with Natalie Draper
    A deeply mysterious collection. An outing as wide as the sky- and some of its most enigmatic moments are within the truly odd moments of vocalise- which sound like the last spin of an old obscure vinyl 'broken bird' sung by Natalie Draper. Or take the disjointed,far-off mumbling of a child, behind a wall of dust on "our way home'.......This is a record already on the Vaché permanent playlist ! ss/tm
  5. Crossing
    by Seabuckthorn
    The Observatory The Observatory
    Vaché s Stephen Spera doesn't listen to many guitarists- but there it is- calling Cartwright a guitarist is like calling Nicola Tesla a bird feeder. Another deep, gorgeous outing
  6. May Mornings
    by Andrew Tasselmyer
    200520_0702.wav 200520_0702.wav
    Andrew Tasselmeyer gives us another beautiful work- and we can't get enough of him.....his recordings inhabit their own dusty space- this collection is warm, close, with a haunted romantic aura that makes multiple listens a
  7. In Blue Fields
    by Milieu
    Editions Vaché's own Stephen Spera cites one of his all-time favourite CDs -Milieu's "Beyond the Stars lies the Sea"...and this track could very well have been found on that work- Milieu has so many works to look through, but his dusty drones hit home with Spera- and
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  8. natural fiction
    by r beny
    alone in the pavilion alone in the pavilion
    It has happened, not once, but numerous times- that we have a collection on, and heads go up- a sort of realization from the ether- and the look- "what IS that?" - and it's usually, almost always- R Beny. This work in particular, simply grabbed hold of Spera more than fortunate folks can buy his entire digital ,discography- (which has just been remastered by the great Ian Hawgood! )for super cheap right now!! Support this &others...
  9. The Letdown
    by William Ryan Fritch
  10. You Better Go Now
    by Microwolf
    It Will Fall It Will Fall
    We had a physical copy around the office, but the other day we wanted to hear this so badly that we grabbed a digital download- here is a guy who should be getting more music out ! am / tm
  11. Secret Garden
    by Madame Rêve and James S. Taylor
    Karen Vogt and Milena Scriabine are two of our faves here- we've been waiting for a release, so now this gorgeous single is available. We want more ! tm/ss/am
  12. saudade
    by r beny
    saudade saudade
    R beny ( Austin Cairns ) -is a master of modular synthesis. His approach is personal, warm, and close- we play all his material around here...and Saudades, well- our favourite at
  13. Winter Lullabies
    by Valotihkuu
    Nightfall in the Forest Nightfall in the Forest
    Valotihkuu has produced some fine work, but this is our fave- late nights at the Vaché offices won't be the
  14. cordillera
    by ann annie
    delicate landscape delicate landscape
    One of the staff at Editions Vaché found this remarkable artist. They said-" I first avoided listening as the packages looked too 'new age' ...but upon hearing ONE piece from this Cd, and realized this was major stuff"......and we
  15. Maui
    by Andrew Tasselmyer
    Rain (Haleakala and Ahihi-Kinau) Rain (Haleakala and Ahihi-Kinau)
    Andrew makes perfect drones. And each collection has its own point of view....this, from a trip to Maui (simple enough...) a CD of celestial music, beautiful field
  16. Eyes Down Slowdown
    by The Prairie Lines
    Stop Haunting My Door Stop Haunting My Door
    I realized this afternoon that this gem was not in my collection, and instantly remedied that. As"Today Leap" is on the permanent playlist, as well as all of Bill's work as HERZOG, I'm relieved to find anything I didn't have...what a
  17. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
    O1 - Stage 6 A confusion so thick you forget forgetting O1 - Stage 6 A confusion so thick you forget forgetting
    The caretaker, our greatest guilty pleasure.......
  18. Today Leap And Stop Time
    by The Prairie Lines
    Department of Soft Focus Department of Soft Focus
    The Prairie Lines Bill Bawden made music as Herzog, in the early days of MySpace- and his music was on constant rotation around Fort Spera...I was so happy to hear Prarie Lines- his sonic palate has matured and expanded, and I couldn't be happier. SS
  19. f (noir)
    by Bill Seaman
    Some of the finest music being made in any category ( if you really need categories) on the planet. Imbued with a sense of space that is unique to Seaman's methodology, we can not give a higher recommendation. -ss/tm
  20. Silent Went The Sea
    by Offthesky
    Halcyon Blurr Halcyon Blurr
    It's getting near impossible to pick favourites from Jason Corder's expansive catalogue,( there are SO many gems!) - but this offering approaches the finest moments of our 20th+ century avantgarde- more akin to works like Part, Ligeti, Reich- we came up with the phrase "Chamber Ambient" just for this work - ( !! ) -a sonic experience not to be missed. -ss/tm/am