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  1. Within the Weaves of Infinity
    by Sinmara
    Ormstunga Ormstunga
    Dark, haunting, unsettling and beautiful black metal. A clear stylistic evolution for the Icelandic black metal group, taking on a kind of grotesque splendour.
  2. RIP (Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction)
    by Urðun
    Wrath of the Zombies Wrath of the Zombies
  3. Gateways Through Septic Flesh
    by Cosmic Void Ritual
    The Fall…Relic Death Spells (Lifeless Post-Surgical being Pt. 2) The Fall…Relic Death Spells (Lifeless Post-Surgical being Pt. 2)
  4. Transcendence Through Galactic Death
    by Cosmic Void Ritual
    Entrail Star Formation (Planetary Extinction Phase III) Entrail Star Formation (Planetary Extinction Phase III)
    Crushing, morbid death metal conjuring unsettling astral planes. For fans of Blood Incantation, Timeghoul etc.
  5. Errata
    by Convulsing
    Dis Dis
  6. Dede Kondre
    by Turia
    Dede Kondre Dede Kondre
  7. Dor
    by Turia
    Behoudenis Behoudenis
  8. Rays of Brilliance
    by Solar Temple
    Rays of Brilliance Rays of Brilliance
    A beautiful, ethereal black metal demo. Atmospheric more by coincidence rather than by design, the hazy, dream-like quality of this stunning tape is saturated with an aura of ecstasy tinged by melancholy.
  9. Nexion
    by Nexion
    III. Of The Pestwielder III. Of The Pestwielder
    A crushing EP that channels death metal and black metal into one blasphemous mass. At times reminiscent of Behemoth's Evangelion, the noxious spirit at the heart of this album is plain to hear.
  10. Great Mass
    by Sathamel
    Crushing blackened death metal. Morbid atmospheres and visceral aggression. For fans of Behemoth, Hate.
  11. Antihedron
    by Devouring Star
    Angel of Null Angel of Null
    Devouring Star’s new EP ‘Antihedron’ is the sound of worlds collapsing in on themselves, a black hole devouring a solar system. Antihedron describes “negative planes and shapes”, and discusses the three central concepts of birth, existence, and death. The crushing, abrasive weight of Devouring Star‘s sound serves as the perfect vessel for the cold, malicious Satanic energies they channel through their music. Antihedron is Devouring Star‘s finest moment to date, and a forceful reminder of the power a record can wield when the music is given purpose through its message.
  12. Bölzer - Aura
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Entranced By The Wolfshook Entranced By The Wolfshook
    I don't even know where to start with this record other than to unreservedly name it as one of the best metal records since the turn of the century. Heavy but thoughtful, menacing but evocative and moving, Aura utterly obliterates all that stands before it.
  13. Tabernaculum
    by Rebirth of Nefast
    Carrion is a Golden Throne Carrion is a Golden Throne
    Tabernaculum is a sinister, rich and complex black metal record, capable of both devastating aggression and haunting, unsettling melody. The masterful songwriting keeps the album feeling dynamic and exciting, even at over an hour in length, by weaving together a wide variety of influences and ideas into the album’s musical texture. Tabernaculum is without a doubt Rebirth of Nefast‘s magnum opus; a daring, challenging record, but one which rewards the careful, patient listener.
  14. Acta Non Verba
    by Deitus
    Lightbearer Lightbearer
    The album title translates to "Deeds not words", and should be understood as a statement of intent: Deitus sound absolutely bloodthirsty, hungry to leave their mark on the world with their melodic, aggressive style of black metal that has as much in common with 90s bands Mayhem and Dissection as it does with contemporaries Mgła or Uada.
  15. Individuation
    by Sanguine Eagle
    War Torn War Torn
  16. World Unraveled
    by Draghkar
    Cowering In The Town Of Blinded Eyes Cowering In The Town Of Blinded Eyes
    The crushing, doom-drenched old-school death metal of Draghkar‘s demo “World Unraveled” is intoxicating and intimidating. The crunchy guitar sound and cavernous production style make for an abrasive, distinctively aggressive sound. It’s an extremely solid, satisfying slab of old-school death metal that will surely please fans of old-school death metal.
  17. By the Old Gods and the New
    by Disincarnation
    Slime God Slime God
    The whole sound has a really satisfying weight and force to it, and grounds the songs even when the melodic inclinations of the guitarists begin to dominate. The opening track in particular channels some serious ‘Slaughter of the Soul’-era At the Gates, with the crushing groove of Bolt Thrower. The closing track ‘Slime God’ features a flurry of aggressive old-school death metal riffs, rounding the demo off nicely.
  18. As We Were When We Were Not
    by Mountains Crave
    Arise O Magnificent Sun Arise O Magnificent Sun
  19. Tein​-​Éigin
    by Úir
    Tein​-​Éigin Tein​-​Éigin
  20. Gallowbraid - Earthen Throne
    by V/A
  21. Au-Dessus
    by Au-Dessus
    II II
  22. Untitled
    by Skáphe
  23. Úr Draumheimi Viðurstyggðar
    by Endalok
    Afskræming holds og sálar Afskræming holds og sálar
  24. Volaða Land
    by Draugsól
    Formæling Formæling
    A stunning, passionately performed black metal album. With songs constructed around powerful melodies, rhythms and motifs, with some incredibly tasteful, understated guitar solos and jazzy, varied percussion, the band's experimental take on blackened death metal will surely be appreciated by fans of Enslaved.
  25. Übermensch - CD
    by ÖRÖK
    Death Of God Death Of God
  26. The Psilocybin Tapes
    by Nornahetta
    Atavist Activism [Live Hallucinations] Atavist Activism [Live Hallucinations]
  27. Horror & Gore - CS
    by URÐUN
    Morbid Funeral Ritual Morbid Funeral Ritual
  28. Incantations Inciting Demise
    by Thy Sepulchral Moon
    Spell III - Banishment Spell III - Banishment
  29. I
    by Segregación Primordial
    Autocontemplacion Autocontemplacion
  30. Haruwen Airen
    by SIASKEL
    Hechuknhaiyin Yecna Shuaken Chima Hechuknhaiyin Yecna Shuaken Chima
  31. The First of the Listeners
    Tongueskull Sacrament Tongueskull Sacrament
  32. ABIGOR, NIGHTBRINGER, THY DARKENED SHADE, MORTUUS - Split-Album, incl. Layout & Lyrics
    by ABIGOR
    Thy Darkened Shade Thy Darkened Shade
  33. Golden Dawn / Apeiron (1995)
    by traunmuller-archives
    Golden Dawn - The spirit lives on Golden Dawn - The spirit lives on
  34. Ander Lant
    by Ossa Coronata
    Wy moten van allen loen vntfaen Wy moten van allen loen vntfaen
  35. Volaða Land
    by Draugsól
    Spáfarir Og Útisetur Spáfarir Og Útisetur
    Tastefully-written experimental black/death from Iceland. Reminds me of a way more aggressive Enslaved. Diverse range of textures, moods and influences, with heavy, chaotic riffs, jazzy percussion, and frenzied roars. Excellent album.
  36. HASSAN I SABBAH - Self-Titled 7"
    Untitled Untitled
    Kenoboros Kenoboros
  38. IV: Arrow in Heart
    by Aosoth
    IV-1. An Arrow In Heart IV-1. An Arrow In Heart
  39. Hof
    by Misþyrming
    Misþyrming deliver the most intense song of their career to date. The slow build-up of the chugging guitars absolutely explodes with frenetic, tremolo-picked guitar passages and D.G.'s tortured, desperate howls. While the rest of the song fares well, with spasmatic riffs and pulverising slower sections, the central riff might be one of the best in recent black metal memory.
  40. Ivory Stone
    by Sinmara
    Sinmara conjure a mesmerising haze of noxious atmosphere, a blistering, chaotic assault of black metal ferocity on one of their finest songs to date, which later gives way to a section of startling beauty and poignancy, with hypnotic, cascading layers of guitars.
  41. "Mourning"
    by Depressive Silence
    Spheres Spheres
    The essential dungeon synth album. Haunting and atmospheric, minimalistic and as cold as ice. Truly beautiful in an otherworldly, melancholic way
  42. Ashen Eidolon (EP)
    by Gallowbraid
    Ashen Eidolon Ashen Eidolon
  43. Demo
    by Ash Borer
    Drukne Drukne
  44. The Sleeping Green
    by Lunar Womb
    The Sleeping The Sleeping
  45. Odolosth / Stronghold in the Mountains (Split)
    by Elffor / Murgrind
    Legends Never Die Legends Never Die