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  1. OMENZ
    by Critical Theatre
  2. Dead Roses, Digged Up Zombies, Broken Pieces Of Diamonds, Live Cats
    by Nonconnah
  3. Electric Ladyland [Redux]
    by Various Artists
  4. Wood N' Head
    by The Implicit Order & The Ephemeral Man
  5. Eat, Singing
    by The Implicit Order
  6. Split w/ PAIN CHAIN
    by Goth Girl
  7. Parks
    by Odd Narrative
  8. Deer Park
    by Aidan Baker
  9. The Earth's Green Mantle
    by Sean Curtis Patrick
  11. Spirit Replica
    by Linden Pomeroy
  12. Entropy Soundtracks & Ambients Volume 2
    by Nicholas Langley
  13. Life Of The Why - The Mixtape Volume 1
    by EQ Why
  14. VA³ (Valentino Arco)
    by Danny Playamaqui
  15. BLK MTN . Harvest Month
    by Blush
  16. Erosion Of Love
    by Venetian Roses
  17. Humble Beginnings
    by Alethe
  18. Draeil
    by Draeil
  19. Despite The Splendor Of Your Ideal
    by Appropriate Savagery
  20. Lady Justice
    by Embody Vanity
  21. Save Karras
    by Isobel Ccircle~
    It's a Wonderfull Life It's a Wonderfull Life
    A language of Dark Ambient and Drone to draw out the inherent anxiety and menace of the subject matter.

    A meditation on Demonic Possession, loss of self and of control. Chilling and mesmerizing.
  22. Aegis
    by AQXDM
  23. Harmonics
    by Eartaker
  24. Tangent
    by Ekman
  25. Sadomodernism
    by Osheyack
  26. double EP
    by Something in a Tank
  27. ease and desist
    by ease and desist
  28. Textures for a Rainy Day
    by Cyborg See Cyborg Do
  29. Ending Definite Failure
    by Renku Corporation
  30. Volume 1
    by Naujawanan Baidar
  31. Empty Room
    by Stephan Haluska
  32. Reconcile
    by Theologian
  33. Nepumoceno Cortina
    by German Army
  34. A Wound Of Earth
    by Common Eider, King Eider
  35. Two Thousand Five
    by Zhalih
  36. V
    by MAINE
  37. PIECES Vol 1
    by Burning Witches Records
  38. When Doves Fly
    by LebLaze
  39. Landing
    by Landing
  40. Even
    by Night Cleaner
  41. Transformative Nature
    by Café Ale
  42. Don't Look Now: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North
    by Geographic North
  43. Black Origami
    by Jlin
  44. Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor's Autobiography)
    by Jlin
  45. Dark Energy
    by Jlin