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Matthew Sweeney

  1. Ambient
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  1. Vertical/Horizontal
    by Andrew Tomasello
  2. Mount Carmel
    by M. GRIG
  3. Right after the forest
    by Saenïnvey
  4. Shades of Paradise - Original Soundtrack
    by Polonius
  5. Oba Gooba of Gort Nork
    by Modal Zork
  6. Tree at the end of the world
    by Janek Schaefer [for Robert Wyatt]
  7. Croc Napping
    by Jeff Brown
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Elements Cycle
    by Bio-Ofrenda
  9. the desert and the water
    by Andre Cactus and Ah, River
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. At War With Certain Spirits
    by Andrew Patrick Henry
  11. [JGT28] "lust + boredom"
    by slowfoam
  12. Distant Companion
    by Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist
  13. l a p l i m b a r e
    by la plimbare
  14. Eslandtika
    by Lee Yi
  15. Danse de l'oiseau
    by Nicolas Gaunin
  16. Unrestored Chamber
    by The Occupant
  17. Molten Image
    by The Occupant
  18. Cascades
    by Production Unit Xero
  19. quaerere LP
    by meroitic (Jamondria Harris)
    round two round two
    Solid album of ethereal dark ambient vibes. Most of the tracks riff off a few different recurrent phrases/samples, re-presenting them in a new and interesting way each time.
  20. Eternal Beams
    by Seahawks
  21. Whale Songs
    by Balloon Club
  22. Immortal Yeller / Mountains Past
    by Bus Gas
  23. Paleopop
    by Dimitar Dodovski
  24. Zone
    by Avola
  25. New Teeth
    by Amos val
  26. Circle Closure
    by Weather Exposed
  27. Monocarpic
    by Ringo
  28. West of Will & Cvrst Patience / Adige (for Luigi Lineri)
    by Black Spring / Miles Cooper Seaton
  29. Meditative Music 3
    by Pulse Emitter
  30. Sky Sailing
    by Evergreen Avenue
  31. the opposite of aloof vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  32. Molecular Shrine
    by Endurance
  33. Sky Sailing
    by Evergreen Avenue
  34. Keep Sleeping
    by TMRPOE
  35. All Lovers Go To Heaven
    by Rui P. Andrade
  36. Fairfax
    by Nate Scheible
  37. These Movements I & II
    by ot to, not to
  38. Our Gravity Ends
    by José Soberanes
  39. Eternal Blue
    by Evergreen Avenue
  40. arid / Fragments
    by V I C I M / Forest Management
  41. ICU
    by Ondrej Zajac
  42. Melancholika Vol. 2
    by IJO
  43. the opposite of aloof vol. 1
    by Various Artists
  44. A Day EP
    by Mt Accord
  45. Thought Loops
    by Hot Air Henry