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  1. Burn After Listening
    by Joscha David Mohs
    Klabautermann Klabautermann
  2. Cinemascope
    by Hannah vs The Many
    Surrender Dorothy Surrender Dorothy
    That's what you want for your cellar gig.
  3. Unsongs
    by Mothertongue
    Nautilus Nautilus
    Fresh and energetic! Brass flavoured britrock with a dash of determined undecidedness. Highly amusing!
  4. Say So
    by Bent Knee
    Good Girl Good Girl
    Towering Art Pop performed in an empathic and diverting manner! Phantastic!
  5. Heretics
    by Dream the Electric Sleep
    Heretics Heretics
  6. Skyline
    by Barock Project
    The silence of our wake The silence of our wake
    Fantastic! Especially the first five songs are a straight 'A+'. While those guys clearly follow well known progressive rock footsteps, they sometimes bring along shoes that seem even bigger than the original! It doesn't get much better!
  7. Suiciety
    by METHEXIS (a musical project by Nikitas Kissonas)
    Chapter I (exterior) - Who can it be? Chapter I (exterior) - Who can it be?
    A fresh and particular diversified record!
    I especially enjoy the mixture of prog-tunes with funk!
  8. Shiny Eyed Babies
    by Bent Knee
    In God We Trust In God We Trust
    A fantastic record!
    Powerful, yet sensitive.
    Comes in a beautiful CD-Box.
    Best wishes from Germany!