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Fluctuating Frequencies

  1. Los Angeles, California
  2. Electronic
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  1. Illusion EP
    by Ives
  2. ONEF LTD 001 - Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven
    by SHADES
  3. The CXLT CLVN Tape
    by The CXLT CLVN
  4. Autoraw (STRTEP046)
    by CRIMES!
  5. Secret Recipe - Singularity of F***s Not Given
    by Secret Recipe
  6. Fuzzy Puddles Vol. II
    by Fuzzy Puddles
  7. Broken Moon (STRTEP045)
    by NastyNasty
  8. Fuzzy Puddles Vol. I
    by Fuzzy Puddles
  9. Good Time
    by BOATS
  10. Tulips: A Mix Tape
    by Tadeh the Terrible
  11. STYLSS Loves You - Volume One [STYLSS035]
    by STYLSS
  12. Echavox - Queen of Heaven [STYLSS042]
    by Echavox
  13. Shlump - Fracture [STM011]
    by Shlump
  14. Minerals (STRTEP027)
    by Boats
  15. Journey to Lands End
    by Phutureprimitive
  16. Feel The Cosmos (STRTEP028)
    by Bleep Bloop
  17. STYLSS Loves You - Volume 3 [Collab Edition]
    by STYLSS
  18. Sleeve↓ - Bridges EP [STYLSS043]
    by Sleeve↓
  19. Vessels (STRTEP043)
    by Moniker
  20. Fluctuating Frequencies - Fluctuating Frequencies
    by Fluctuating Frequencies
  21. ONHELL - Darkness [STYLSS039]
    by ONHELL
    What Are You Waiting For? What Are You Waiting For?
    This album reminded me how much emotion and experience can drive creativity. A must have for the old truck. Keep tapes alive.
  22. Scribble Remixed
    by Electrocado
  23. Reset (STRTEP042)
    by Pleasure
  24. 'Split' / C28
    by Aaronmaxwell / James Matthew
  25. Honeymoon (STRT002)
    by Coco Bryce
  26. Spit Thunder (STRT001)
    by Krampfhaft
  27. Hijacked (STRT007)
    by Doshy
  28. High Fi (STRT005)
    by Krsur & Naive Machine
  29. Pay Attention (STRTEP030) + (STRT009)
    by Zeke Beats
  30. Cycles (STRT006)
    by Acre
  31. Modem / Voxy Lady (STRT003)
    by Pixelord / heRobust
    by V. A.
  33. Close Encounters
    by Space Jesus
  34. Fathoms ep
    by Tipper