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  1. Gliss Riffer
    by Dan Deacon
  2. Mystic Familiar
    by Dan Deacon
  3. The Witching Hour
    by Graveface Records & Curiosities
  4. Silver Ladders
    by Mary Lattimore
  5. meadow:watt
    by KILN
  6. At Once, There Was No Horizon
    by Vieo Abiungo
    Empty Heroics Empty Heroics
    As with all of Fritch's best work, this album takes you on an epic journey. In the woods, over mountains, on the sea, this is the soundtrack driving you onward, giving you purpose and fulfillment.
  7. Forest Clothes
    by Paperbark
  8. Lucky Shiner (Deluxe Edition)
    by Gold Panda
    Peaky Caps Peaky Caps
    Still an all-time top electronic album. So down to pick up a few tracks and remixes I didn't grab back in the day.
  9. Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment
    by Vieo Abiungo
  10. Turns
    by Seabuckthorn
  11. the old capital
    by Claire Deak & Tony Dupé
  12. Summer's Parting Ways
    by Brian Grainger
    The hardest working electronic musician I know suddenly drops one of my favorite guitar albums of the year... This album is a deeply touching piece of art that comes just in time to be the perfect soundtrack for the onset of autumn.
  13. Que tu es belle, au revoir en douceur
    by 't Geruis
  14. Dulce Compañia
    by DJ Python
  15. On A Moonlit Hill In Slovenia
    by Lori Goldston
    Side B Side B
    Truly powerful solo work. I've tried to play this in the background, but every time it draws me into a pure reverie that drowns out my immediate surroundings.
  16. Live at The Bomhard
    by Joan Shelley
  17. Under The Devil's Knee
    by Tre Burt
  18. Vaporbend EP
    by KILN
  19. Dusker
    by KILN
  20. Bed in the River
    by Joan Shelley