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  1. Fuzz and Ruin Vol​.​1
    by Righteous Filth Records
    'Rita' - Gawthrop 'Rita' - Gawthrop
    This FILTH is righteous!!!
  2. Deeparture In Time - Revisited
    by Aril Brikha
  3. Liquid Drugz
    by Young Smoke
  4. Tips For Life
    by Legowelt
  5. 24 Interpretations of Dub
    by Piennar
  6. Halfcast
    by DJ Puffin
  7. Radio Scotvoid - SLOW [RSVP016]
    by RSVP Tapes
    Radio Scotvoid - Chipfunk Radio Scotvoid - Chipfunk
    Dooope tunes. Enhanced for isolation 🐂!
  8. Street Poisoning
    by Daniel Savio
  9. Abba Mausoleum
    by Daniel Savio
  10. Plejjern från Plejaderna
    by Daniel Savio
  11. Musik inspirerad av Kullahusets Hemlighet (Sten Eklund, 1971)
    by Jäverling ◇ von Euler
  12. Reap and Repair Volume 1
    by Huolto
  13. Session 壹
    by GAAL
  14. Sea Peoples
    by Fengir
    Sea Peoples Sea Peoples
  15. Love Party Remixes
    by Ya Tosiba
    N Qədər (Center Of The Universe Disco) N Qədər (Center Of The Universe Disco)
    awəsomə səslər!
  16. tothedome
    by Klugarsh
  17. Daniel Savio - Zodiaken
    by Daniel Savio
  18. Hämärä Komero EP
    by Mesak
    Out'Oh Out'Oh
    Sounds on this beast are pure skookum.
  19. tetrahydroid - demo
    by Tropical Fantasy
  20. Qualms
    by Small Stepper