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  1. Elements
    by Thoughts Factory
  2. Solitary
    by Dolores
  3. Descender
    by Avandra
  4. Norm (Remastered)
    by Spasibo
  5. В сомнениях / V somneniyah
    by Спасибо / Spasibo
  6. Spasibo
    by Spasibo
  7. When Hope And Despair Collide
    by Apotheus
  8. The Far Star
    by Apotheus
  9. Calypso act I
    by The Korea
  10. At The Walls
  11. The Burden of Purpose
    by Caged Existence
  12. Failure to Thrive
    by CAZADOR
  13. Finding My Way Home
    by Yazz Ahmed
  14. Get Well Soon
    by Scumback
  15. Sum Of Forces
    by Tantara
  16. Ritual MMXVI
    by Frostveil
  17. Void of Memories... (Demo)
    by Frostveil
  18. Orlok
    by Frostveil
  19. Longing
    by Frostveil
  20. Hymns of Repugnance
    by Frostveil
  21. Endless Paths of Treachery
    by Frostveil
  22. Ephemeral Visions
    by Frostveil
  23. Antediluvian Majesty
    by Frostveil
  24. The Last Rain
    by Cân Bardd
  25. Tour de Anal
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Where Stories End
    by Darkwater
  27. Crossover Ministry
    by Iron Reagan
  28. Westfield Massacre
    by Westfield Massacre
  29. Satan's Cross
    by Nocturnal Graves
  30. Навсегда / Navsegda
    by Спасибо / Spasibo
  31. Infinite Punishment
    by Get The Shot
  32. Theater of the Absurd
    by AMKEN
  33. Adrenaline Shot EP
    by AMKEN
  34. Weapons of Thrash Destruction
    by Terrifier
    Violent Reprisal Violent Reprisal
  35. Manifest Decimation
    by Power Trip
    Crossbreaker Crossbreaker
  36. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Executioner's Tax Executioner's Tax