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  1. Znoi
    by Haze of Summer
    May May
  2. Further Nowhere
    by Cold Insight
    The Light We Are The Light We Are
  3. I Can Tell You About Pain
    by Converge
    I Can Tell You About Pain I Can Tell You About Pain
    I can never say no to Converge. True survivors of a genre that has largely died off to scene-driven pretenders. And even after all these years, they remain among the best.
  4. Небесният ковач
    by Цар Стангра
    Сънят на героя Сънят на героя
    Цар Стангра sound like they worship the old gods. These wicked, Grutle-esque vocals, and occasional death growls, seem to be directed towards the sky, projected with arms raised from some secluded mountain range.  There's a certain ancestral weight that hangs from every syllable; the kind of historical depth you can only get from groups like Moonsorrow and Nokturnal Mortum.
  5. Temporal Majesty
    by Moray
    Aether Aether
    Moray's sound is a skillful mix of raw black metal with soaring, melodic guitar riffs. Evoking imagery of both slow, shivering walks through dark forests and Satanic summoning of catastrophic ice storms, The band has done a lot with these 20 minutes of music to warrant putting them on your radar.
  6. Typical Human Behavior
    by Horrible Earth
    intro intro
  7. Graves Among The Roots
    by Elder Devil
    Speechless Speechless
    The Chariot vibes are strong with this one. That sludgy opening trudge of bass and drums with the screamed prose is pure Josh Scogin. Elder Devil have taken a sound I deeply missed and cranked up the RPM's double. The vocals are vicious razorblade-filled pipe bombs exploding in rapid sequence, and the instrumentation is an overclocked, mechanized orgy of noise. "I have stared into the abyss...and it will keep staring back!"
  8. Overture: The Heir Apparent
    by Ezerath
    Temple of the Forsaken Temple of the Forsaken
    This guy is a damn virtuoso. His style is a little bit like Insomnium's Winter's Gate with some sudden bursts of The Zenith Passage. He serves up not only technically and melodically powerful guitarwork, but a grand sense of how each hook benefits the larger picture. Each track and the album as a whole come together consistently and cohesively into a masterful progressive work with plenty of satisfying dynamics.
  9. Volume 3
    by Mathcore Index
    Chuck Norris Chuck Norris
    Mathcore Index continues to prove its worth as the only other site I trust to consistently bring the most quality of technical music to the forefront.
  10. The Hare and the Hollow
    by Ruff Majik
    Harpy Harpy
  11. All Paths Lead to Death
    by Amiensus
    Gehenna Gehenna
    When Amiensus reached out to me in 2015 to review their debut, they mentioned that they "don't consider themselves to be a black metal band." That mentality may have changed during the recording of All Paths Lead To Death. While the progressive elements have remained, there is a much stronger focus on grim and aggressive darkness. These guys have taken the best of both worlds and rolled them into a very focused 30 minutes.
  12. Enthroned In Gray
    by Sentient Ignition
    Enthroned In Gray Enthroned In Gray
    Sentient Ignition really likes to take neoclassical guitar melodies and feed them through a death metal wood chipper. The result is a super shreddy, proggy mess of raging hooks and technical drumming somewhere between Gladius Sky and Vektor; but with a different take on the vocals.
  13. Aradia - Demo
    by aradia
    Frantic Frantic
    Solid, well composed music. Anyone can pull strings into their music these days, but not everyone does it this well.
  14. Tales of a Sightless City
    by Mad God
    Limerence Limerence
  15. Trumpeting Ecstasy
    by Full of Hell
    Deluminate Deluminate
    The sounds on display here are among the harshest, and most bone-shattering I've heard in 2017. They have supplanted my previous endorsement of Sunlight's Bane in this respect. The vocals, especially on tracks like "Crawling Back to God" are exceedingly vicious and spiteful. And I adore the Code Orange-esque electronic influences and creepy female vocals on the tital track. It's a nightmarish mindf#$k with tons of speed and some awesome grooves.
  16. I
    by Bufihimat
    He Saw Himself He Saw Himself
    It takes something special to get the masses talking about a relatively underground release...and there is good reason why these people are talking.  Bufihimat deliver only the mathiest, most dissonance forms of deathgrind known to man.  The vocals are insanely brutal, but throw in some layered barks as well.  The guitars are some abomination of Cattle Decapitation and Psyopus.
  17. Sveta Stoka
    by Muka
    Sutra?! Sutra?!
    An album prepared to drag you into the dirt and suffocate you with spite. Muka utterly nails the black metal spirit while maintaining the conventions of extreme doom.  Everything about their sound is grim and intense.  It has a dangerous, serated edge to it; largely thanks to the vicious, unrefined Croatian vocals and murky production.
  18. Unforgiving Landscapes
    by Idre
    Gold & Crude Gold & Crude
    Expansive, emotive doom and drone from some very talented individuals. I feel there is plenty to say about this album, but I'll leave it to someone who knows the genre more than I. In any case, approves.
  19. Dark Construktor (EP)
    by Wreck Plus
    Dark Construktor Dark Construktor
    Time to get retro.
  20. Brine Pool
    by Mudbath
    End Up Cold End Up Cold
    Hearing Brine Pool is the sonic equivalent of trudging waist-deep through tepid, murky, filth. It's in the buzzy distortion, it's in the dreary pace of the drums, it's in your goddam shoes. Gnarly. All said and done, Brine Pool is a dismal experience mostly in the best of ways.
  21. Loathe
    by Façade
    Apostate Apostate
    An imposing and soul-crushing bit of death doom that evokes plenty of dread and melancholy, but also brings the guitars and vocals where it counts. For every dreary walk through the candlelit catacombs, there is a destructive explosion of fury to break the spell.
  22. The Swan
    by Ruff Majik
    Cloak full of serpents Cloak full of serpents
    This is just another 60's/70's psychodelic good time. The perfect compliment to blacklight-painted walls and a room full of smoke. There are plenty of groovy hooks and walls of Sabbathy distortion to get down to. I find myself wanting to use out-dated expressions like "jive-turkey" and "way out."
  23. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
    The Toxic Salts The Toxic Salts
    If you're a collector of physical releases, this is a no brainer.  To get all 3 albums at this price is a steal.  Add onto this that the band has for years been so gracious as to deliver all of their digital albums at a Name Your Price option.  I think they have paid their dues.  We're talking albums that in my mind are every bit as good as Anaal Nathrakh and Cattle Decapitation; both of which I could draw comparisons to sonically.
  24. No Pity, No Sunrise
    by Sloth Herder
    Inner Dissolution Inner Dissolution
    Fantastic album for those aching for another successor to Lord Mantis' 'Pervertor' or Dendritic Arbor's 'Romantic Love.' 'The approach to the guitar shifts between noisey, melancholic melodies and furious, contorted technical mind-f#$kery. Think Imperial Triumphant and Deathspell Omega, with the grind influences flow of Pyrrhon.
  25. Abandon
    by GnarWolf
    Now Now
    Killer hardcore/mathcore from a band with a variety of top-notch influences in the genre. I can hear The Chariot, Every Time I Die, and early Norma Jean clearly in both the vocals and instrumentation; but I also pick up on some Glassjaw vibes among others.
  26. Monarch of the hills
    by Ruff Majik
  27. Comorbidité interne
    by Seismic
    Comorbidité interne Comorbidité interne
  28. Ár Sinsear
    by papacy
    Mourning The New Dawn Mourning The New Dawn
    This is what Silent Hill might sound like if it was set in Ireland. Ár Sinsear is the most grim tour of the Emerald Isle you are like to come across. Take the kvlt sounds of Satyricon's Dark Medieval Times and add these elements to create a dark but ultimately refreshing sound, indeed.
  29. Cavalries of the Occult (Black/Thrash/Death Metal)
    by THE FUROR (Australia)
    Storm of Swords Storm of Swords
    Respect needs to be paid to how The Furor play their instruments.  This music is insanely fast and the vocals are black metal to the bone.  Just listen to the click clack of those drums and constantly shifting guitar riffs.  Add the thrashy soloing into the mix and things get pretty fierce.  I can hear everything from Slayer and Immortal to Behemoth.
  30. Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Death Metal/Crust)
    by HENRY KANE (Sweden)
    Skuld och begär Skuld och begär
    About as subtle as Negan's baseball bat. Heavy and abrasive as hell.  The vocals sound like they scraped clean through the vocal chords and now he's just howling through a bloody hole in his neck.  The H-2 pedal does its job admirably as do the ever-present D-beats.
  31. Coffin Cutters
    by barque
    Betrayed Monarch Betrayed Monarch
    Mammoth riffs and drums open this album and rarly let up; the thunderous sound rivaled only by mother nature and the old gods themselves. Even the midpaced melodic breaks carry a sense of impending doom that is positively crushing a la Converge.  Coffin Cutters rages by proving that even the briefest of storms can leave a grand wake of destruction.
  32. Let There Be Light
    by Parius
    Let There Be Light (ft. Ryan Knight) Let There Be Light (ft. Ryan Knight)
    Think TBDM or The Hudson Horror with strings and scattered clean vocals.  This fun but brief EP is surely a tease of even greater things to come. Fun riffs, nice balance of thrashy speed and melody.  Some of the guitar hooks have a The Haunted vibe going on. The way in which Parius seemlessly navigates between all of these styles, along with the integration of the strings, is exceptional.
  33. PLEVRE s/t
    by PLEVRE
    Nausées Nausées
    The demented, distorted vocals on this album definitely remind me of Jacob Bannon.  The other instruments follow suit; pounding and squealing their way into your brain like an aneurysm, but Plevre manage to anchor some hooks beneath the chaos.  There will be blood in this pit.
  34. Comfort In Nothing
    by Spurn
    Quota to Meet Quota to Meet
    Maniacal riffs and disconcerting time signatures assault the listener like repeated kicks to the ribs.  This sounds like the lovechild of Converge and Ulcerate.  I don't think I've ever heard a release in the genre of this caliber when it comes to both musicianship and sheer noise.  Spurn take dissonance to new levels, but never at the expense of strong songwriting.
  35. Self Titled
    by Gouged
    Pig Pig
    Seriously, these guys accomplish a more severe beating in 9 minutes than most can with hours of torment.  They don't have time for all the table-strapping and precision tools.  Gouged would much prefer to find you in an dark alley, hit you over the back of the head with a brick, repeatedly stomp you into submission, and then walk away without so much as a word of explanation.  "No Remorse."  Exactly.
  36. Cartographer
    by Chronologist
    Cake Batter Cake Batter
    Gorgeous. You've got plenty of that djent heaviness to get you headibanging, but Chronologist is much more than that. They craft intricate fabrics of sound via a variety of techniques and genres. The tapping, harmonics, and use of effects pedals are all masterfully meshed by a band that is clearly wise beyond its years.
  37. Impaled Beneath the Pentagram
    by Blasphemonger
    Trench Holocaust & Napalm Raids Trench Holocaust & Napalm Raids
    The vocals are absolutely primal in their gutteral death metal dominance. Equally brutal is the low, unpolished tone of the chugging guitars and their decrepit tremolo lines. This is what I think of when I really consider what death metal is and should be. Blasphemonger has a clear understanding that ugliness and being at least a little off-putting is part of the game.
  38. Nuclear Chaos
    by Vacivus
    Blind Idiot God Blind Idiot God
    Listen to those drums.  That bass kick is so merciless that these guys must go through a lot of heads.  The blackened, Portal-esque guitar lines build plenty of ominous atmosphere, but it is the finishing touches of the cymbal patterns and tom fills that really make the entire experience pop.  The vocals are as harrowing as ever in their reverb-ridden deep grunts and disarming eruptions of blackened shrieks.
  39. Vicissitudes
    by Autocatalytica
    Mondoslam Mondoslam
    Dillinger-esqee stretches of technical gymnastics, sudden bursts of The Mars Volta sounding clean vocals, detours into proggy guitar jams.  You will turn so many corners it's going to make your head spin.  One minute you'll be full tilt with truly ferocious screams and dizzying drums, the next you might be catching your breath with a classical guitar solo or grooving to a full jazz instrumental.
  40. Autokrator
    by Autokrator
    Act 1 : The tenth persecution Act 1 : The tenth persecution
    Shifting tectonic plates and erupting volcanoes signaling the end of days. Drone for the masochistic psychopath. Full review on Metal Trenches:
  41. The obedience to authority
    by Autokrator
    Chapter IV Chapter IV
    Another chapter in the saga of overbearing sonic domination.  Prepare your senses to be berated by the sounds steel against steel, bone against bone, and blood being spilled.  Distortion is an ever-present, berating crunch over harsh blasts of drums and menacing growls
  42. Hakmarrja
    by N.K.V.D
    Wolfschanze Wolfschanze
    Another delightfully nihilistic romp through the underground of blackened industrial music, arguably N.K.V.D.'s best yet. These projects are run by the most dangerous of deranged minds: the ones that are highly driven.
  43. Vlast
    by N.K.V.D
    Incipit SSSR Incipit SSSR
    An industrial metal brainwashing that is probably my favorite L.F. release since Autokrator.  I enjoy the overall experience and would certainly recommend this to fans of the extreme industrial and symphonic black metal genres.
  44. Diktatura
    by N.K.V.D
    Kadyrovski Klan Kadyrovski Klan
    An industrial metal brainwashing that is probably my favorite L.F. release since Autokrator.  I enjoy the overall experience and would certainly recommend this to fans of the extreme industrial and symphonic black metal genres.
  45. N.K.V.D Vlast
    by N.K.V.D
    Incipit SSSR Incipit SSSR
    An industrial metal brainwashing that is probably my favorite L.F. release since Autokrator.  I enjoy the overall experience and would certainly recommend this to fans of the extreme industrial and symphonic black metal genres.