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  1. Ashlands II
    by Ashlands
  2. Fauna to Fiend
    by Dismal Reverie
  3. Quantum Resolution
    by Kekal
  4. baby, the inferno is here now.
    by Synthvvitch
  5. Kromheim EP
    by Kromheim
    Prayer Prayer
    A well orchestrated and powerfully riff-driven beginning for a promising new band in the vein of Amon Amarth.
  6. Zmora
    by Moonthoth
    Raw and moody black metal with a bleak, depressive atmosphere.
  7. The Pulsing Wet
    by Lament Cityscape
    Lustre Lustre
    Every now and then an artist perfectly nails the feel of an album with a simple title, and this is most certainly one of those times. These are 19 straight minutes of moist, undulating grooves that are at once violent and strangely sensual.
  8. The Nocturnal Misadventures of a Modern Mind
    by Red Shores
  9. Abscess Time
    by Pyrrhon
    Down At Liberty Ashes Down At Liberty Ashes
    Abscess time does a trust fall backwards into utter bedlam and oblivion. The sickening start stop groove of the title track has far more in common with The Stooges, Swans, and Bleach-era Nirvana than any foundational grind act this time around.
    - Metal Trenches
  10. From the Mire
    by Bog Wizard
    A cavernous muck of doom and sludge that nicely matches its cover art.
  11. Catercorner
    by Catercorner
    The Other Osmium The Other Osmium
    A peculiar mashup of breakbeats and metal that sound like something Mike Patton ought to get on board with.
  12. Irrational Pull
    by 156/Silence
    First and foremost, the title track is easily the best thing the band has done since their 2017 single "Turmoil." "Irrational Pull" sees the band channeling Daughters by implementing more experimental songwriting and unnerving, mumbly vocals to great effect. And aside from the obvious developments in the vocal department, 156/Silence also continue to deliver on hard-hitting riffs.
  13. The Album
    by ZILF
    Endless Endless
    Zilf The Album is perhaps most simply described as the quirkiness of Devin Townsend and Mr. Bungle channeled through fans of djent and mathcore. But really, this album is all over the place stylistically; and attempts to nail it down to any particular genre can only capture fleeting snapshots of the complete picture. It's a lot to wrap one's brain around, but frankly, I'm thankful for the challenge.
  14. Evocation of Death
    by Occasum
    Mouths Like Open Graves Mouths Like Open Graves
    Ominous black and blackened death metal with some Belphegor vibes that will leave you wanting more.
  15. Self-Titled
    by Psijic
    Symptoms of Youth Symptoms of Youth
    Listening to Psijic is like being repeatedly kicked in the shins. At a swift and unlucky 13 minutes long, this EP pummels the listener with djenty blasts of groove backed by menacing, chaotic vocals that seem deeply uninterested in doing more than one take. But the pièce de résistance are the screeching Frontierer effects and incessant fretboard noodling of the likes of "We're Waiting" and "Fortune 500."
  16. NA 20.04 - The Battle of VOSAD
    by Boreal
  17. Voidscope
    by Horizon Of The Mute
  18. Blades Over Despondency
    by Afterperception
  19. Averse to the Universe
    by Hex Wound
    Atomic Afterbirth Atomic Afterbirth
    Punishing black and blackened death metal for fans of Gorgoroth, In Twilight's Embrace, Vitriol
  20. Bore II
    by Bore
    Larynx Larynx
    The abrasive intensity of Botch meets the Southern-fried sassiness of Every Time I Die. Bore wrings every single drop of youthful angst and vigor out of each note that they play. With its chaotic riffing patterns and harsh, sardonic vocal delivery, "Yield" sounds like it would have been right at home on The Big Dirty or New Junk Aesthetic. And that transition from the pounding drum into of "Larynx" makes me feel like I'm in my teens again. Commence the stage diving.