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I write metal reviews for Metal Trenches and Transcending Obscurity. My main goal is to give free exposure to lesser known bands and overall great releases. If you have something you think might pique my interest, feel free to contact me. If I like it, I'll do a write-up for you. Free download codes help me stay in business and link to the album page, but it's not required.
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  1. Trumpeting Ecstasy
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    Deluminate Deluminate
    The sounds on display here are among the harshest, and most bone-shattering I've heard in 2017. They have supplanted my previous endorsement of Sunlight's Bane in this respect. The vocals, especially on tracks like "Crawling Back to God" are exceedingly vicious and spiteful. And I adore the Code Orange-esque electronic influences and creepy female vocals on the tital track. It's a nightmarish mindf#$k with tons of speed and some awesome grooves.
  2. I
    by Bufihimat
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    He Saw Himself He Saw Himself
    It takes something special to get the masses talking about a relatively underground release...and there is good reason why these people are talking.  Bufihimat deliver only the mathiest, most dissonance forms of deathgrind known to man.  The vocals are insanely brutal, but throw in some layered barks as well.  The guitars are some abomination of Cattle Decapitation and Psyopus.
  3. Sveta Stoka
    by Muka
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    Sutra?! Sutra?!
    An album prepared to drag you into the dirt and suffocate you with spite. Muka utterly nails the black metal spirit while maintaining the conventions of extreme doom.  Everything about their sound is grim and intense.  It has a dangerous, serated edge to it; largely thanks to the vicious, unrefined Croatian vocals and murky production.
  4. Unforgiving Landscapes
    by Idre
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    Gold & Crude Gold & Crude
    Expansive, emotive doom and drone from some very talented individuals. I feel there is plenty to say about this album, but I'll leave it to someone who knows the genre more than I. In any case, approves.
  5. Dark Construktor (EP)
    by Wreck Plus
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    Dark Construktor Dark Construktor
    Time to get retro.
  6. Brine Pool
    by Mudbath
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    End Up Cold End Up Cold
    Hearing Brine Pool is the sonic equivalent of trudging waist-deep through tepid, murky, filth. It's in the buzzy distortion, it's in the dreary pace of the drums, it's in your goddam shoes. Gnarly. All said and done, Brine Pool is a dismal experience mostly in the best of ways.
  7. Loathe
    by Façade
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    Apostate Apostate
    An imposing and soul-crushing bit of death doom that evokes plenty of dread and melancholy, but also brings the guitars and vocals where it counts. For every dreary walk through the candlelit catacombs, there is a destructive explosion of fury to break the spell.
  8. The Swan
    by Ruff Majik
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    Cloak full of serpents Cloak full of serpents
    This is just another 60's/70's psychodelic good time. The perfect compliment to blacklight-painted walls and a room full of smoke. There are plenty of groovy hooks and walls of Sabbathy distortion to get down to. I find myself wanting to use out-dated expressions like "jive-turkey" and "way out."
  9. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
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    The Toxic Salts The Toxic Salts
    If you're a collector of physical releases, this is a no brainer.  To get all 3 albums at this price is a steal.  Add onto this that the band has for years been so gracious as to deliver all of their digital albums at a Name Your Price option.  I think they have paid their dues.  We're talking albums that in my mind are every bit as good as Anaal Nathrakh and Cattle Decapitation; both of which I could draw comparisons to sonically.
  10. No Pity, No Sunrise
    by Sloth Herder
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    Inner Dissolution Inner Dissolution
    Fantastic album for those aching for another successor to Lord Mantis' 'Pervertor' or Dendritic Arbor's 'Romantic Love.' 'The approach to the guitar shifts between noisey, melancholic melodies and furious, contorted technical mind-f#$kery. Think Imperial Triumphant and Deathspell Omega, with the grind influences flow of Pyrrhon.