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  1. Robot Junkyard
    by SURGE
  2. New Horizon
    by Nightcruise
  3. DuckTales
    by Bit Brigade
  4. Speed Demon
    by Russell Nash
  5. Days of Dread
    by SURGE
  6. Cisco Heat
    by SURGE
  7. Cinematica
    by SURGE
  8. Head Hunter
    by SURGE
  9. Mirror Motion
    by SURGE
  10. The Haunt - Chapter II
    by SURGE
  11. Tales from a Lost Universe — Part I
    by SURGE
  12. Tales from a Lost Universe — Part II
    by SURGE
  13. Sounds of the Night
    by SURGE
  14. Return to a Lost Universe
    by SURGE
  15. The Haunt
    by SURGE
  16. Retrospection
    by Cosmic Stranger
    appears in 1 other collection
    by XENNON
  18. Dark of a Distant World
    by XENNON
    Roboknight Theme Roboknight Theme
    Really really good synthwave album with an epic sounding story. Roboknight Theme has to be one of the greatest synthwave songs I’ve heard.
  19. Volume 1
    by Magic Sword
  20. Kids (The Stems)
    by The Midnight