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  1. Heaven/EXE
    by Dusqk
    Aquatic Heaven Simulator Aquatic Heaven Simulator
  2. all felt so real
    by The A/V Dept.
    Descent 001 Descent 001
  3. Clouds
    by Dirty River
    nice views nice views
  4. Timeline
    by Chikoi The Maid
    by Kichi
  6. Small Maid In The Big World
    by Chikoi The Maid
    Mental warfare Mental warfare
    I can't explain it but this album (and most of the genre) is giving me some super comforting nostalgia vibes of the mid/late 2000s.
  7. Feeelings
    by Light Club
    Fahkeet Fahkeet
  8. Memory Machine
    by Fornax Void
    Levels Levels
  9. A Thousand Miles Of Rope (2006 Demo Version)
    by When Knives Go Skyward
    Stall Stall
    This has always been my favorite version of the album, the sound is just so raw and it hits like a freight train. Huge props for actually preserving so much of the WKGS material and making it available for everyone, it would be such a shame for these gems to be lost to time. Will definitely come back for the rest of the stuff down the line.
  10. Blight Year
    by Anti-God Hand
  11. From Without
    by Zetra
    Call Of The Void Call Of The Void
  12. 우주해일
    by 암호
  13. Ambivalent EP
    by Kessler
    Vrieselaan Vrieselaan
  14. Candy Says
    by Candy
    Candy Gonna Die Candy Gonna Die
  15. Haze
    by molven
    Back Home Back Home
  16. 200XAD
    by Mega Drive
    Memoria Memoria
    I love all the callbacks to the 198XAD songs in Memoria, can't believe it's been almost a decade since, and I'm still as obsessed with Mega Drive as I was back then. Let's make it another decade, shall we?
  17. Perfect Saviors
    by The Armed
    Sport of Measure Sport of Measure
    When Genghis Tron released Dream Weapon, I bought into the more laid back sound pretty quickly, but I'm not so sure it works for me the same here. With this band, evolution of sound is expected, but I just miss the aggression and cathartic moments like on Masunaga Vapors from the previous LP. At least this record sounds like they're still having a blast.
  18. destroy me
    by cast heal
  19. lasting entropy
    by cast heal
  20. Hatred
    by Iwakura
    Leave Me Leave Me