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    by Full of Hell, HEALTH
    Ok, now there NEEDS to be a complete Full of Health collab album, like the ones the guys did with The Body etc. This is simply too good, the eerie electronic Health touch and the harsh violence from Full of Hell is the combo I never knew I needed, but I want more, a lot more.
  2. New Blood II
    by Occams Laser
    Arterial Motive Arterial Motive
    It's been interesting following the journey of Occams Laser from the softer synthwave beginnings to his late, mostly darksynth output. While the newly discovered super heavy bass notes on songs like Bloodshot might hint otherwise, the old Occams Laser still makes his presence known on certain sections, like that clean spacy part of Arterial Motive. It's nice to know these two parts of him learned to cooperate instead of one eliminating each other. Makes the music all the more interesting.
  3. Let Me Go (Digital)
    by Body of Light
    Tremble Tremble
  4. Language of Molting Cherubs
    by Full of Hell
    This level of audio carnage is exactly what you'd expect from these guys. Loud, noisy, experimental, yet strangely sublime and thought-provoking, it's a testament to Full of Hell's position as one of metal's most interesting bands right now.
  5. Void Slip
    by Jon Benderr
    Musing Musing
  6. Power of the Purple Flame (LP)
    by Venator
    Ensnared Ensnared
    Every artist eventually releases his magnum opus at one point in his career, and I think POTPF might be it for Venator. This is not only a showcase of how synthwave, trip hop and metal can work together, but also a great example of fun and interesting songwriting that leaves no room for any fillers. It is a fresh take on street level cyberpunk music without using gimmicks that we all heard a thousand times at this point. This is the album you want to have in your collection.
  7. The Druid From The Bronx (Single)
    by Venator
    The Druid From The Bronx is influenced by more things than I can fit into this tiny review, but justifies its 6-minute runtime by fully developing each of them. The song is like an epic journey over the bridge that connects retro and modern electronic music, complete with funky bass hooks, heroic RPG-like lead synth solo, a soaring guitar solo climax near the end and a calming choir outro. Sort of like a love child of Magic Sword, Justice and videogames.
  8. Michio
    by Michio
    Nara Nara
    Some fan I am, I didn't know Mega Drive had a vaporwave side project until yesterday. As with everything this guy touches, it sounds amazing. It ticks some vaporwave boxes but also uses Mega Drive's signature lead synths, which makes up for a really interesting combo. This might actually be a great stepping stone for people who want to get into vaporwave. In any case, I hope MD finds the time and passion to continue this project because I'd love to hear more.
    by SurgeryHead
    Horror on a Damaged Filmstrip Horror on a Damaged Filmstrip
    A polar opposite of Devil Sounds pt. I, Dominant of Witchcraft is more of a tribute to horror movie scores of the 70s/80s. Slower tempo, haunting synth loops and apocalyptic vibes are present on pretty much every song, making me think of various end-of-the-world movies of Lucio Fulci and others. This is no doubt a love letter to those types of movies and it's far from being some cheap attempt at recapturing their magic.
    by SurgeryHead
    Garbage Day Garbage Day
    This album is absolutely packed with funky bass lines and catchy synth hooks, often paired with Surgeryhead's signature distortion, and is in my opinion the most fun release of his to date. This guy is truly on a path of his own and labeling him as only "darksynth" would do a disservice to his music, since there's so much more put into it. A highlight of 2020 for sure!
    by Gregorio Franco
    The only thing more crushing than the hydraulic press videos on YouTube is each new Gregorio Franco release and Judgment hits hard even by his standards. It's definitely the most riff-oriented Franco release with so much groove that at times I thought I'm listening to a cover album of early Sepultura riffs. As usual this album is best played loud and since summer is on full blast already, crank that volume up and enjoy it with some chilled piña coladas for the perfect combo.
  12. MANIAC feat Yann Ligner
    by Carpenter Brut
  13. Golden Age of Alpinism
    by Panama Fleets
  14. 198XAD
    by Mega Drive
  15. This is our Planet now
    by Volkor X
    Gravity Gravity
    Exceptional work in every aspect. The prog metal elements are even more apparent this time than on any of the previous Volkor X works, and it truly elevates the music above just synthwave. The ballads will never get old, and the super fast songs really feel like you're being attacked by swarms of 2D sprites in a shoot 'em up game. Every instrument benefits the music in the best way possible. This album opens many doors for the listeners and I hope everyone explores as many of them as possible.
  16. We're So Happy You Discovered This Technology(LP)
    by Slvmber
  17. Enterface (Single)
    by Mega Drive
    It's Mega Drive, do you expect me to say anything negative? Of course it's awesome, another powerful synth hook for the collection that latches onto your brain and wants to be repeated for eternity. And it shall be.
  18. 1983
    by Vegasis
    VEGASIS - 1983 VEGASIS - 1983
    1983 sees Vegasis continue his journey of high quality synth music, and I seriously hope this will finally be his breakthrough release, because this guy deserves all the attention. This album is precisely the direction I wanted synthwave music to go, and I'm so happy the torch is still being carried by some. Whether it's the 12-minute title epic or the catchy traditional Night of Vice, this is a must have for every synth junkie and will no doubt stay one of the best synthwave releases of 2020.
  19. Horrors Waiting In Line
    by Vaisseau
    Lo Spettro Della Frustrazione Lo Spettro Della Frustrazione
    Vaisseau's Horrors Waiting in Line is the type of album that makes you instantly fall in love with the band and I can guarantee the band will join the ranks of your favorites before you get halfway through the album. The combo of synths and drums just works so good, it's addictive. This is the ultimate musical child of Goblin and Zombi.
  20. Outlines
    by Forhill
    Closer Closer